(Minghui.org) My husband and I work for business organizations. We have two children, a son and a daughter. My mother and sister helped care for my children and performed the household chores, leaving me free to focus on my career. Together with a loving husband, my life was carefree.

Out of the blue, my mother passed away in a car accident. This was a major blow to my psyche and I started suffering numerous medical problems. I became severely allergic to many drugs, in particular antibiotics. I also started developing allergies to many common vegetables such as eggplant and onions. My allergies, once manifested, would result in colic, incontinence, mucosal edema, skin papules, and peeling and bleeding of my hands. Most attempts to control my condition were ineffective.

I also started suffering from vertigo, with each attack being so severe that I was unable to leave my bed. I would grip the sheets with both hands in an effort to center myself and kept my eyes closed to reduce the dizziness. Moreover, if anyone attempted to engage in conversation nearby, I would start to vomit incessantly.

Over time, my health worsened and I started coughing and catching colds more frequently. Once, while seeking treatment for a cough, doctors did an x-ray and discovered that I had tuberculosis. I was hospitalized and given a cocktail of antibiotics. By the sixth day I was so weak that I could barely move. The slightest gust of wind would trigger a sneezing fit. After blood tests showed that my white blood cell count had decreased to less than two thousand, the doctors halted the tuberculosis antibiotic therapy and focused on reviving my low white blood cell count. By then I was feeling more dead than alive.

I discovered that I had breast lobular hyperplasia while in my twenties. By 1996, the disease had progressed and I was unable to lift my hands above my shoulders. Large sudden movements that stretched my breast tissue would cause agony to my chest, shoulders, and back. The specialist at the county hospital advised me to seek surgical treatment in Beijing, where I would have to take antibiotics after the surgery to prevent infection. However, my severe allergies prevented me from taking any antibiotics. I saw no way out of my predicament and became extremely depressed.

One afternoon in May 1997, while lying in bed unable to sleep, I started wondering what the lord of the heavens might look like. In the past, I had encountered a Christian lady who briefly told me some Christian teachings in an effort to encourage me to study the Bible. At that time, I was not interested. Now, as I quietly focused on this thought, I suddenly saw from afar a large Buddha drifting over towards me. From a distance the Buddha’s image and face were very clear, but the Buddha disappeared as soon as it came closer to me.

This encounter left me extremely puzzled. I had been thinking of Christ, so why did the image of a Buddha appear before my eyes? What was the relationship between these two entities?

That fall I received some unexpected news from a relative. She said, “A Falun Dafa class will be held in our district. The classes are free and I’ve heard news that the practice has cured many difficult diseases. Classes start this evening. You should go with me.” Out of curiosity I agreed to accompany her.

We were seated in an auditorium for the class. The coordinator briefly gave an overview of Falun Dafa before screening Master Li’s Jinan Lecture and exercise instructional videos. When Master Li performed a mudra in the exercise instructional video, the familiarity of the image shocked me into realizing that the Buddha I had seen earlier in my mind was Master Li! In this way, I became a Falun Dafa practitioner.

After the first class, I was overjoyed to discover that I felt lighter and more energetic. The next day, after attending the second class, I developed a persistent, deep itch around my shoulders. Scratching with my fingers did nothing to relieve the bone-deep itch. When I approached the coordinator on the following day to seek advice, he told me, “It is a good thing. Master Li has already started to cleanse your body. Our Master will eradicate the root of the disease, but you will feel some residual symptoms.”

His words boosted my confidence and I attended the full set of nine classes. At the end, I no longer felt itchy and my outlook had drastically changed. I was determined to learn the practice and proceeded to throw away all the remaining medication I had at home.

Thereafter, I continued to experience amazing situations. For example, after returning home from nightly Fa study sessions, my body would feel particularly light when I went to sleep, as though floating on air instead of lying down in bed. My husband also remarked, “Your body generates so much heat at night, I can hardly stand to sleep near you.” However, I had no inkling of this as I continued to sleep soundly through the night, completely covered with my quilt.

In yet another instance, five or six months after I began practicing Falun Dafa, I was in a half-conscious state one night in bed when my left breast felt slightly itchy. A hole appeared when I touched my breast. Immediately afterwards, a shiny silver-gray ball fell out of the hole. Subconsciously, I knew that this ball was alive. These balls began to fall out of my breast, one after another. When there were only a few left I heard a voice call out my name. I woke up at once and sat up as I unconsciously felt my left breast. I found that the hard lump had disappeared! Soon after, both of my breasts recovered their normal appearance.

My husband also benefited from Dafa. In 1987, he was diagnosed with chronic hepatitis B, necessitating yearly checkups at the Beijing Ditan Hospital. Specialists there told him, “There is no medication to cure chronic hepatitis B, only medication to help protect the liver. We will monitor your condition to ensure it does not progress to further liver problems. Otherwise you are a carrier of the virus for life.”

However, as I cultivated Falun Dafa, my husband’s hepatitis B vanished. An examination by doctors in Beijing’s 302 Military Hospital in 2014 determined that my husband’s liver was back to normal.

I have been cultivating in Dafa for the past 22 years. My heart is clear and my body is light. I have ascended from hell and obtained a new lease on life. I am determined to follow Master’s teachings and continue on my path of cultivation.