82-Year-Old Woman Dies Hours After Being Arrested for Distributing Falun Gong Informational Materials

An 82-year-old woman left home in the morning a healthy person, only to die hours later after being arrested for distributing information about Falun Gong. Her sudden death weeks before the Chinese New Year left her family in deep sorrow. They are working to seek justice for her as her body remains at a funeral home.

Taichung, Taiwan: New Practitioners Benefit from Falun Dafa Nine-Day Lecture Series

Practitioners hosted four sessions of the nine-day video lectures recently in Taiping, Wufeng, Wuri, and Dali. New practitioners shared their excitement and joy after learning about this self-improvement meditation system. A hospital administrator shared how she liked this practice because of the flexibility with time and location for doing the exercises.

Access to Uncensored News Opened My Eyes to the Truth about Falun Dafa

“I had always thought that China’s leaders must be kind and innocent, and that China was strong and prosperous. I didn't expect to discover that the communist regime was so evil and shameless. As I visited overseas websites, I finally came to understand the reality of our society, and this reshaped my views and enabled me to tell right from wrong. I knew which side I should stand on.”

Physics Teacher: Falun Gong Is Not an Ordinary Qigong Practice

A retired teacher in China recalls his miraculous experiences after taking up cultivation practice.

Improving My Cultivation and Clarifying the Facts at Work

A practitioner who was facing challenges in his cultivation found that studying the Fa and sharing understandings with others helped him improve.

How Receiving Counterfeit Bills Helped Us Remove Our Attachment to Money

After receiving a large sum of counterfeit money, a couple approaches the incident as practitioners, advancing in cultivation and removing attachments in the process.

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