(Minghui.org) My heart disease and postpartum-related illness which I suffered from for many years disappeared after I began practicing Falun Dafa in 1996. After witnessing my amazing changes, my sister, brother-in-law, and uncle also started practicing. The positive changes they experienced in turn inspired many people in their villages to began practicing Falun Dafa.

My entire family, including my husband, my children, and my relatives, are very supportive of my cultivation. When they visit me, they watch Master's lectures.

My husband had a stroke in 2001 and has been disabled for 18 years. He often listens to the recordings of Master's lectures. He said to me, “Master has been taking care of me. The other people who had strokes around the same time I did have all passed away, but I keep getting better and better. I can now walk by myself.”

I give out calendars containing information about Falun Dafa every year. My husband always asks me to give him a couple so that he can give them to his friends when they visit. I go out to clarify the truth to people every afternoon. If I hesitate some days when it's cold or snowing, my husband will ask me, “Why haven't you left yet?” His reminder encourages me and gives me confidence. We Falun Dafa practitioners have such great missions, so should we hesitate because of the weather?

When my son heard that I was having difficulty hanging the Falun Dafa banners very high, he said, “The next time you do this, I'll drive and help you.” Ever since then, my son has gone with me when I hang banners. He stops his truck next to the road and is able to accurately throw the banners up into the tall trees. As we were driving back home last Chinese New Year’s Eve, he said, “Whoever sees those banners will be blessed!”

My son has also been protected. He was transporting rocks from a mountain a month after he started learning to drive a truck, when his brakes stopped working as he was driving down a hill. It was very dangerous, because his truck was loaded with heavy rocks and there were cars on the other side of the road. He panicked, and in order to avoid hitting someone, he drove into the woods alongside the road. After hitting several trees, his truck finally stopped. Bystanders rushed to help. When they saw how badly his truck was damaged, they cried out, “The driver is surely dead!” The windows were shattered, and the truck’s cab was crushed. When they pulled my son out of the truck, he was fine. His skin hadn't even been scratched!

My son told the stunned crowd, “Don't think it's odd. My mother practices Falun Dafa!”