This Is a Good Thing

My home is near a school. In order to supplement our family income, I have rented out several rooms in my home to students, many of whom come from rural farming villages. As a Falun Dafa practitioner, I seize every opportunity to clarify the facts to my tenants, telling them how good the practice is and why they should quit the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers, two of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) youth organizations. To date, all of them have.

Xiaohong, one of my tenants, came from a remote mountain village. Unable to adapt to her new school, she slept poorly, became listless, her grades fell, and she even started showing signs of depression. I explained the truth behind the persecution of Falun Dafa to her, helped her withdraw from the CCP, and also advised her to recite “Falun Dafa is good.” She seemed exceptionally willing to accept what I told her, and I guessed that she had a predestined relationship with Dafa. So I spent some of my spare time reading Zhuan Falun with her. Slowly, Xiaohong’s mood began to improve. She became more cheerful, adapted to her new school, and was able to sleep well. Her academic performance also improved by leaps and bounds.

One day, Xiaohong’s mother visited her and told me how grateful she was for what I'd done for her daughter. I told her she didn't need to thank me and took the opportunity to clarify the facts about Falun Dafa to her. She agreed to withdraw from the CCP. I then handed her a Falun Dafa pendant. She looked at it in surprise before exclaiming, “This is a good thing! Do you have any more?” Surprised, I asked her why.

According to Xiaohong’s mother, every autumn, the people in their village harvest pine cones. Villagers climb pine trees 10 to 30 meters high, and falls that result in death or serious injury are not uncommon. One day, a villager climbed a 15-meter tree to harvest its pine cones. When he fell, everyone nearby quickly hurried over, only to see the man alive and well as he slowly got to his feet. It appeared he had suffered no injury. As a precaution, they took him to the hospital for a thorough examination, but except for a slight laceration, the man was perfectly fine.

The villagers were astounded. Someone asked him, “Are you blessed by a God? How did you survive such a fall with no injuries?” The man pulled out a Falun Dafa pendant from his pocket and declared, “This helped protect me!” Intrigued, they examined his pendant and saw the words “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” inscribed on it. When they asked where he had gotten it, the man explained that it had come from his daughter-in-law, who was a Falun Dafa practitioner. The villagers were convinced of the protective powers of this pendant, but they faced difficulties finding any more, as their rural mountain village had little contact with the outside world.

Xiaohong’s mother told me, “I never expected to find such a pendant here! Please give me all the ones you might have available.” I gave her all seven before she left for home.

Welcoming a New Practitioner

Last year, my son’s classmate Xiaoyu visited our home. I told him the truth about Falun Dafa and advised him to quit the CCP. Although Xiaoyu agreed to quit, his reaction was subdued and was polite but non-committal when he answered my questions.

As Xiaoyu was traveling to another city for work, I asked my husband to download an electronic version of Zhuan Falun to his mobile phone. I advised Xiaoyu to try reading the book whenever he had time to spare. Although the young man voiced no objection, he also appeared unenthusiastic. Seeing his reaction, my husband advised me to reconsider. However, I insisted and my husband reluctantly downloaded an electronic copy into Xiaoyu’s cellphone.

My husband later reprimanded me for trying to force the young man to accept the Fa. “Xiaoyu did not show any enthusiasm for Dafa. If he has no predestined relationship with Dafa, he should not be forced into practicing.” I too felt that what I had done earlier was wrong.

A few days ago, Xiaoyu came over to visit. He told me that, because his new job afforded him a lot of spare time, he got very bored and decided to read Zhuan Falun to wile away the time. It turned out that the profound yet simple explanations in Zhuan Falun fascinated him. Unable to contact other practitioners for advice, he just read the book over and over. Gradually, his original goal of becoming an overnight millionaire and enjoying a life of luxury was replaced with a sense of contentment. He started to listen to his conscience and stopped pursuing fame and money. Although his work and circumstances had not changed, he found himself becoming calmer and lighter. He even started advising his friends to let go of their excessive attachments to fame and fortune.

Soon after reading Zhuan Falun, he developed a chronic sore throat. His friend persuaded him to consult a Chinese medicine physician and even helped arrange an appointment for him. Because it was hard for him to turn down his friend’s kind gesture, he reluctantly went to the hospital. As it turned out, the old physician was held up by an urgent matter and was unable to come to the hospital that day. This was his first and last visit to the local hospital. Xiaoyu soon realized that his illness was probably Master’s attempt to help purify his body, and his sore throat soon disappeared.

Not long after, Xiaoyu found a very good job in the big city. As a college graduate, Xaioyu counted himself fortunate to land this job, which was typically only given to those with Masters or Doctorate degrees. This further convinced him that Master arranges everything. As he did not know any other Dafa practitioner, he came to look for me when he returned home. I was delighted to welcome him as a fellow practitioner.

Woman Thankful When Heart Disease Vanishes

I work in a construction company. Recently, the company began processing refunds for repair work done on some old apartment buildings. One day, a middle-aged woman asked for directions to the refund counter. When she told me her building number, I realized that our company had yet to process the refunds for her block. I told her that her building was slated for processing at a later date and that an announcement would be posted at the entrance to our building. She would be able to walk over and check the updates from time to time.

Worried, the woman told me, “My health is poor and I suffer from many ailments. My heart condition, in particular, is extremely serious. It took me nearly ten minutes of extreme effort just to climb these few steps.” I advised her, “Recite the words 'Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good' and you will be healed.”

The woman took my words to heart and carefully wrote down the phrases. I also advised her to quit the CCP and its youth organizations. She readily agreed. I then asked her for her phone number, promising to call when her building was scheduled for refunds. The woman was very grateful.

A few days later, I called to tell her that her refund was ready. To my surprise, she arrived in ten minutes and excitedly told me, “I have to thank you! Since our last meeting, I have been diligently reciting the phrases you taught me. My heart condition has now vanished and I have no trouble walking. Even my skin disease is gone. Neither Chinese and Western medical practitioners said I would ever be cured and I had lost all hope. Now I am amazingly well! Thank you so much!” I told her, “There is no need to thank me. You should thank my master [Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa] instead!” The woman smiled and replied, “Certainly, but you too deserve my thanks!”