Chinese Tourist to Practitioners: “History Will Remember Your Great Deeds!”

A Chinese scholar visiting the Eiffel Tower was struck by the scene of Falun Gong practitioners raising awareness of the persecution for hours on end. He finally spoke with one of the volunteers and had a message to pass on to all practitioners: “All your efforts and what you have suffered have not been in vain...Please know that, one day, everyone in the world will be proud of you.”

Taiwan: Falun Gong Practitioners Participate in a Primary School Parade in Chiayi

Practitioners participated in the 110th anniversary parade of Meishan Primary School in Chiayi, Taiwan on March 31. They demonstrated the Falun Gong exercises and played waist drums in the parade, which drew the attention of spectators, shopkeepers, and shoppers along the parade route. The practitioners hope that locals can learn about the beauty of Falun Gong and its persecution by the communist regime in mainland China.

Documentary “Human Harvest” on Tour in Japan

A screening tour of the documentary Human Harvest in Japan kicked off with its premiere in Shizuoka. Winner of the prestigious Peabody Award, the film exposes the Chinese regime's forced organ harvesting from imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners. One attendee said, “I had heard about organ trade on the black market in China, but I was shocked by what I learned from this film.”

Tortured for His Belief, Mr. Xie Ge Sues Jiang Zemin

In his criminal complaint against the former Chinese leader who launched the persecution, Mr. Xie recounts horrific abuses he suffered for his faith, including the "death bed" torture and force-feeding that nearly took his life.

Judge Refuses to Reschedule Hearing, Prevents Defendant’s Family from Attending Trial

A judge and a prosecutor try to dodge a practitioner's family after keeping them from attending the practitioner's trial.

Military Officer Returns to Cultivation After Giving Up Dafa Amid Persecution

A practitioner recounts his experience of learning Dafa, being pressured to give up the practice, and amazing events he experienced after resuming his cultivation in Dafa.

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