Liaoning Practitioner Released with Lawyer's Efforts and Public Support

Mr. Wang Huaxue was arrested at his home in July 2016 for refusing to renounce Falun Gong, a spiritual discipline being persecuted by the Chinese communist regime. He had scrapes all over his body from the arrest. While his lawyer defended his constitutional right to freedom of belief, other practitioners collected hundreds of signatures from local residents calling for his release.

Hebei Man Set Free after Procuratorate Withdraws Indictment Against Him

Thanks to efforts of local practitioners and supporters, a practitioner wrongfully arrested for his faith is set free after the local court dismissed his case.

Minghui Report: 129 Cases of Chinese Judges Receiving Karmic Retribution for Their Roles in the Persecution of Falun Gong

China's court system has been used as a tool to carry out the Communist Party's persecution of Falun Gong since the beginning. Traditional Chinese culture includes a belief in karmic retribution, the principle that good is rewarded while evil is punished. This report covers a collection of cases in which judges in China have suffered misfortune after participating in the persecution.

Scotland: Raising Awareness about China's State-sanctioned Forced Organ Harvesting

Events at the University of Dundee to raise awareness of the persecution of Falun Gong in China were met with support from the university community. Faculty and students were appalled by the crimes happening in China against prisoners of conscience.

Introducing Falun Gong to High School Students in Czech Republic

Students and faculty learned about the meditation and self-cultivation practice and discussed ways to help end the persecution in China.

My Wish Is Fulfilled

Inspired by the teachings of Falun Gong, a woman follows her heart and makes amends for a mistake committed long ago.

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