(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Jiang Yan was tried by the Dehui City Court on February 28, 2017. He was not represented by an attorney and pleaded not guilty. Three of his family members were allowed to attend the trial.

Mr. Jiang is a 51-year-old teacher in Dehui City, Jilin Province. He has been arrested several times for talking to people about the persecution of Falun Gong by the communist regime. His wife divorced him for fear of being implicated.

Mr. Jiang was taken to the Yinmahe Forced Labor Camp in Jiutai City in 2003, where he was tortured and forced to undergo brainwashing sessions.

He was arrested by Dehui City Domestic Security police in June 2011 and held at the Chaoyanggou and Fenjin Labor Camp in Changchun for 18 months.

His home has been ransacked multiple times by the authorities.

Mr. Jiang was arrested on September 22, 2016 and held for 15 days. He was arrested again on November 25, 2016.

Parties involved in the persecution of Mr. Jiang:Wang Tao (王涛), chief of the Dehui City Political and Legal Affairs Committee (PLAC): +86-87229589, +86-13364633333Li Zhenquan (李振权), deputy chief of the Dehui City PLAC and director of 610 Office: +86-87219922, +86-87221299Xia Mingjun (夏明君), chief of the Dehui City Public Security Bureau: +86-87295998Yao Yongkui (姚永奎), head of the Dehui City Domestic Security Division: +86-87292053, +86-13364638727Lan Jian (兰舰), chief prosecutor at the Dehui City Procuratorate: +86-87272885Ding Caiyan (丁才彦), deputy chief of Dehui City Court: +86-87293140, +86-87227801, +86-13756221118Chen Shusan (陈树三), chief of the Dehui City Detention Center: +86-87273438, +86-87212897, +86-15904414530