Czech Republic: Raising Awareness of the Chinese Regime's Persecution of Falun Gong On New Year's Eve

Falun Gong practitioners in the Czech Republic held an activity at the Prague Charles Bridge on December 31, to raise awareness of the Chinese Communist Party's persecution of the practice. Visitors learned about Falun Gong and many signed a petition calling for an end to the ongoing persecution in China. Some tourists from China learned the true facts about Falun Gong for the first time.

Helping My Wife after She was Detained for Her Belief

After his wife was sent to a forced labor camp for her belief in Falun Gong, her non-practitioner husband strongly supported her by bravely challenging the illegal and unethical actions by the labor camp guards and managers, who frequently canceled visitations and requested money. The result was surprise, and respect for his brave actions. The guards subsequently treated his wife well in the labor camp.

Falun Dafa Gave Me a Second Life

A popular villager introduced Falun Dafa to dozens of people around him before the Communist Party started its brutal campaign against the spiritual discipline. When the persecution began, he and other villagers stopped practicing out of fear. He developed serious health problems in the following years. On the verge of death, he turns back to Dafa, makes a remarkable recovery, and remains determined to cultivate his character based on the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

Mother of Washington D.C. Resident Sentenced to Prison for Her Faith in Falun Gong

The mother of the D.C. resident was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison and fined 5,000 yuan because she is a Falun Gong practitioner and possessed Falun Gong books and materials.

The “Falun Gong Bridge”

When an aging bridge became barely passable and the village administration failed to fix it, Falun Gong practitioners made the repairs themselves, at their expense. Fellow villagers were very appreciative, and named the bridge “Falun Gong Bridge.”

Eliminating Human Notions and Paying Attention to the Exercises

There is only one path that a practitioner should take – the one set by Teacher.

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