(Minghui.org) I live in the countryside and began to practice Falun Dafa in 1997. Before that, I had successfully helped several village residents with their lawsuits. They considered me a legal expert in the nearby towns and made me famous.

In addition to attending group Fa-study and exercises, I often told many friends and relatives about Dafa. As a result, dozens of people around me took up the practice. After the persecution started in 1999, however, I stopped practicing out of fear. Because of my influence, some other practitioners in my area stopped practicing, too.

Illness and Recovery

I developed liver and stomach problems in 2001, which worsened over time. A thorough examination in 2005 showed that I had late-stage liver cirrhosis, hemangioma, and gastric ulcers. Like with many severely ill patients, the doctor did not tell me the situation directly. But from the response of my wife and other family members, I know it was much worse than I had thought.

After we returned home with medicine prescribed by the doctor, my wife was very depressed. She took me to a bathing pool in town and cleaned my entire body. This had never happened before. I know she wanted me to be clean before dying.

During those days, because of abdominal dropsy and a stomachache, I could barely eat or even speak. My aunt, who practiced Falun Dafa, visited me and told me to study the Dafa books and do the exercises. With her encouragement, I listened to Master's audio lectures while lying in bed. Before I finished the lectures, I had diarrhea that lasted for two days. Then, my abdomen went back to normal, and I was able to eat as usual.

This lasted three months. I was not sure if my recovery was the result of my practice of Falun Dafa or the medicine. With these thoughts, I went back the life of an everyday person and forgot about Dafa.

On Verge of Death

My situation quickly deteriorated in 2006. By May, I had no energy, and my eyes became yellowish. Several elderly practitioners came to my house and sent forth righteous thoughts for me. My pain was relieved when they were around, but it quickly came back after they left.

A month later, my entire body became yellowish. My abdomen felt as if it could explode at any moment, and I had to walk with both legs pointing outward. I was in despair: my grandmother died of liver problems, and so did my mother and my brother. Now, it was my turn...

I wanted to kill myself, but I wasn't strong enough to do that. Because of my breathing difficulties, I hoped someone could send me to a hospital. But my wife was not at home—she probably went to discuss with relatives about my funeral. My son was still sleeping, and I did not want to wake him up in the middle of night after a day's hard work...

I was doomed, I thought.

Turning Point

At that moment, I began to weep. As I recalled the path I been through, I knew both the Fa-study and sending forth righteous thoughts by fellow practitioners helped me. There were also many cases on Minghui about how Dafa improved health of practitioners. How could I be so silly?!

I knew I was terribly wrong because I did not cultivate well and did not have faith in Master. But now it was too late—how I wish I had known this earlier!

I wept in regret like that for a long time. Then, I went asleep. Upon waking up, however, my breathing difficulty was gone. My abdomen also became smaller, and I was able to walk. I went to the bathroom several times that night.

By morning, my wife and other family members came to check on me. I said, “I'm all right now, because Master has helped me. Is there something I can eat?” Seeing me able to move around freely, they were all surprised and huddled together, crying in excitement.

Their crying caught the attention of my neighbors, who thought I had passed away and came to give their condolences. Seeing the surprise on their faces when they came in, I announced to them that I would be a genuine Dafa practitioner from then on.

The news of my recovery spread quickly in the village. I visited many friends and relatives and told them my experiences. One friend said to me, “I haven't heard patients like you could survive. When I saw you coming, I thought you were a ghost at first.”

Since then, I have stayed true to my words and truly cultivated my xinxing by disciplining myself as a practitioner. After hearing my stories, more than a hundred practitioners in nearby towns also resumed their practice.