(Minghui.org) I saw an extraordinary scene in other dimensions yesterday that reinforced to me the importance of walking our cultivation paths well.

I saw a strong, handsome celestial horse galloping across the cosmos. It happened upon a goddess in a blue dress and had her ride on its back across layers and layers of the cosmos. They witnessed countless sacred, extraordinary happenings that I cannot find the words to describe.

As the beautiful scenes gradually slowed down a series of closeups appeared. The horse approached the more micro-level cosmos and many different passageways to enter appeared. Some were short, some indirect, and some didn’t extend to the micro-level.

Before choosing which way to go, the celestial horse and goddess were given small packages of questions regarding cultivation of the heart. If they could make significant progress cultivating their hearts they would enter a direct passageway, break through many levels of the cosmos, and resolve many problems offering salvation to sentient beings. If their progress in cultivation was slow, their passageway would be indirect, and their breakthroughs slower. It was a manifestation of how important it is to cultivate one's heart.

Witnessing this scene reinforced to me the importance of Falun Dafa practitioners' cultivation of the heart. We have to give it top priority at any time. Working on projects to validate the Fa is superficial. The essence of what we accomplish relies on our progress in cultivation.

The above is my limited understanding based on what I saw at my level. Please feel free to point out anything incorrect.