Six Years After Losing Her Husband in the Persecution, Ms. Li Shuying Dies as Result of Torture

( Ms. Li Shuying, 37, lived in Yushu City, Jilin Province. While on a business trip she was involved in a traffic accident and lost one kidney, but the incision would not heal for a long time. In 1998, her incision healed shortly after she began cultivating Falun Dafa. This miracle led her husband, Yue Kai, to also begin the practice and they lived a good life.

Mr. Zhang Mingtong Dies as a Result of Torture in a Forced Labor Camp in Henan Province

( Mr. Zhang Mingtong, 58, lived in Shawobei Village, Shawo Township, Qi County. Before practicing Falun Dafa in 1996, he had severe brain infarctions and other illnesses, had a very bad temper, and he often drank, gambled, and fought with his wife and others. Soon after practicing Falun Dafa, he changed and became a sincere, good person, with no bad habits, and an even temperament. His illnesses all disappeared, and people said he changed from inside out due to practicing Falun Dafa. Under the huge influence of his fundamental changes, more than one thousand farmers in the nearby townships, including Hugang Township, Sumu Township, Gegang Township, all started on the path of cultivating Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance. They sold their best wheat to the state, and even the Township governments had to admit this fact.

The CCP Brought Mr. Ma's New Life to a Premature End

( Mr. Ma Wenhe lived in the Chengdong Village of Mancheng County, Hebei Province. He was employed by the Mancheng County Farm Machinery Factory. At the beginning of 1995, he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and was hospitalized for two months. He was as thin as a skeleton, extremely weak, and ill tempered. He previously practiced other qigong, but they did not prove to be beneficial to his health. He was fortunate enough to have learned Falun Dafa and tried to be a good person by following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. After he became a practitioner, his face turned rosy and he became very healthy. He told people that Falun Gong cured his disease.

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