(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Liu Haijun of Zhangqiu City, Shandong Province began to practice Falun Dafa in January 1999, and benefited physically and mentally. Since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started persecuting Falun Dafa, Liu has repeatedly suffered maltreatment.

In July 2005, Liu Haijun was arrested by police officers from the Zaoyuan Police Station because he clarified the facts about of Falun Dafa, and handed out information material to people. Yu Baoqian from the 610 Office sent Liu to the Wangcun Forced Labor Camp for one and a half years.

In 2007, police officers from the Longshan Town Police Station harassed Liu Haijun at his home many times, thus causing him to be unable to lead a normal life.

During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, personnel from the Longshan Police Station colluded with Guo Xiangchen (female), the Chinese Communist Party village branch secretary to allocate people to monitor Liu Haijun. Police officers from the Longshan Police Station closely followed him day and night. Liu was unable to withstand the harassment from the police and was forced to leave his home to avoid further persecution.

In late September of 2008, because a local villager reported Liu Haijun, he was again taken away by police officers from the Longshan Police Station, and detained for half a month. As Liu is single, his autumn grains could not be harvested, and the corn germinated due to lack of care.

On October 12, when Liu Haijun put corn out in the sun, village secretary Guo Xiangchen asked him for a document regarding his release from detention. Liu said that he had lost it. Guo Xiangchen then reported this to the police station. On the morning of the 14th, two policemen from the Longshan Police Station arrived and demanded to see his release papers. Liu told them that he had lost them, and they wanted to search his home. Liu refused as he was busy with the autumn harvest, so they handcuffed him, held him to the ground and beat him madly. Liu's head had a big lump, many places on his arms were injured and bleeding, and his ribs were injured. Even today he has a hard time breathing normally. Liu shouted loudly "Falun Dafa is good", so a policeman filled his mouth with corn kernels while many people gathered around. A police officer called the police station with his cell phone, asked deputy manager Kang Gang and another police officer to get the key for the handcuffs, and then they ran away. Kang asked Liu to quickly go to the clinic for treatment. Officials from the village committee and police station completely ignored that Liu was injured and also did not accept any responsibility.

Personnel involved:
Guo Xiangchen, Xibianjia village brigade secretary: 86-531-83652973 (Home)
Xibianjia village committee personnel responsible for the persecution of Liu Haihui: