New Year Spectacular Audience Member from China: "I am very happy and very proud to see so many Westerners appreciating our precious culture." (Photos)

( On January 19, the Divine Performing Arts presented the second Chinese New Year Spectacular show at the Nokia Theater, the largest theater in Los Angeles. Many Chinese audience members commented that the performance was very good and touching, giving young Chinese and westerners a good opportunity to learn about traditional Chinese culture. One lady from Mainland China said that she was very proud.

Chinese New Year Spectacular Receives Enthusiastic Response in Toronto

( On the evening of January 19, the Chinese New Year Spectacular finished its third show in Toronto and received enthusiastic reviews from many audience members.

The performers take a bow after the show

Denver Audience Appreciates New Year Spectacular

( Fran Wilson has a nice Chinese name, Fan Rong. She is a very close friend of a Chinese-American woman who was born in Hong Kong. They are like sisters to each other. They went to watch the Chinese New Year Spectacular together at the Temple Hoyne Buell Theatre in Denver after reading about the show in a local newspaper.

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