Compassion and Courage: Response to Articles Celebrating World Falun Dafa Day

To celebrate World Falun Dafa Day each year, publishes a series of articles illustrating how the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance have helped Falun Dafa practitioners improve their minds and bodies and blessed those who don’t practice Falun Dafa but identify with the principles. Two practitioners in Taiwan share a few touching stories that bring hope to humanity.

After Seven Years of Incarceration, Heilongjiang Man Secretly Sentenced to Another Nine Years

Over the past twenty years, Mr. Niu Jiahui has been repeatedly persecuted and imprisoned for his faith in Falun Gong. Even when not in custody, Mr. Niu has faced constant harassment from the authorities. It has been recently confirmed by that he was secretly sentenced to nine more years in prison.

Canada: Sherbrooke Mayor Congratulates Practitioners as They Celebrate World Falun Dafa Day

Falun Dafa practitioners held a grand parade in Sherbrooke, Quebec to celebrate the 29th anniversary of the day that Mr. Li Hongzhi introduced the practice to the public in China. The Tian Guo Marching Band led the parade. Many commented that they felt a positive, peaceful energy.

After Misleading the Public to Please the CCP, These Chinese Artists Faced Consequences

China's "little pinkies"—youths brainwashed into praising the CCP—have much to learn from past artists who helped the CCP to deceive the public.

Practitioner Released Thanks to Overseas Phone Call

Since the Chinese regime began its persecution of Falun Dafa in 1999, practitioners outside China have worked tirelessly to secure the release of those in China who are arrested for their faith.

My Searching Within Dissolves My Daughter’s Family Crisis

One of the principles taught by Falun Dafa is to look within for one's own shortcomings when one runs into conflicts with others. A practitioner in China shares how she experienced the power of searching within.

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