(Minghui.org) To celebrate World Falun Dafa Day on May 13, Minghui.org publishes a series of articles between mid-May and early June illustrating how the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance have helped practitioners improve their minds and bodies and blessed those who don’t practice Falun Dafa but identify with the principles.

Practitioners outside of China were very touched by these articles. In this report, we present the responses of two practitioners in Taiwan. Yinghua, a chemical engineer with a large company in Taiwan, said she has learned a lot by reading Minghui articles throughout the years, especially the recent series. Ms. Yang, a news editor from Taoyuan City, also benefited a great deal from the articles.

Safeguarding Principles Amidst Pressure and Difficulty

The Courage of the Benevolent – A Letter to My Father” tells of a practitioner’s character improvement and joy after beginning to practice Falun Dafa. She wrote a letter to her father, who had taught her to be honest and upright but who had reservations about her choice to practice Falun Dafa. She explained why she stayed firm in her faith despite the ongoing persecution of Dafa in China.

After decades of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) brutality and lies, people have been accustomed to bowing their heads in obedience in exchange for a temporary sense of security. But it does not have to be that way. “The courage of a benevolent person is not the absence of fear, but the ability to stand firm despite intense pressure; to remain calmly rational in the face of violence; to keep moving forward while overcoming fear,” the author wrote. “This kind of heart and mind after assimilating to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance will naturally influence the world. This is exactly what we are practicing.”

“In Chinese history, people were either obedient or rebellious. But the Falun Dafa practitioners are an exception to the rule. They neither bow down to a powerful regime nor do we repay evil with evil, because we have the universal principles in our hearts,” she continued.

“Dear Father, you are also an honest person. Please believe that no cloud will cover the sky forever. Spring will always come. You can be a beam of light to illuminate the darkness, or you can open your eyes to welcome the beam of light. All you need to do is to open your eyes,” she wrote.

Yinghua said this letter highlighted the mindset of a typical Falun Dafa practitioner. With compassion and courage, they are not obedient unconditionally at the expense of their principles, nor will they resort to violence to prove their points. Rather, they take the most compassionate approach towards others. This shows the hope of mankind.

This has motivated Yinghua to do better and constantly improve herself.

A Chorus from Behind Bars that Reaches the Sky

Many practitioners have been detained in China for their belief. But their upright manner and perseverance in their faith gradually win over the other inmates, whose hostility changes to sympathy and respect.

One example is “A Choir in a Detention Center,” in which the author shares stories of traditional values with other inmates. With his legal knowledge, he also wrote letters of appeal for inmates he believed had been wronged. One time, all the detainees took turns singing songs. After listening to the author sing “Falun Dafa Is Good,” the inmates wanted to learn more about Falun Dafa.

They ended up singing that song and other Dafa songs together. “Every one of us was happy and excited. During that week, almost every evening, we had about half an hour of choir time when we sang ‘Falun Dafa Is Good.’ Inmates in other cells also heard us and applauded,” the author wrote. “Interestingly, the guards did not stop us. As they passed by, they just smiled and continued walking. It seemed that many of them also knew Dafa is good.”

Over 10 years have passed, but the author was still so touched by that memory. He said the song “Falun Dafa Is Good” will live forever.

Yinghua was moved to tears by this account. From this, she could see how people—including inmates—were inspired by the righteousness of practitioners and the power of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

Genuine Kindness That Saved a Family

In the chaos of today with so many uncertainties, countless miracles have come to pass because of Falun Dafa. “A Nearly Broken Marriage Becomes Harmonious,” for example, tells of a woman who left city life and a decent job to move with her husband to a small town. Not only was her sacrifice unappreciated, but both her husband and mother-in-law also mistreated her and even beat her, deceived by the CCP’s defamatory propaganda about Falun Dafa.

She tried to explain the truth to him again and again, but her husband didn’t budge. When her parents, also practitioners, came to visit, her husband humiliated them, too. After this incident, the author wrote a 14-page letter to her husband.

“All these years of our marriage, I constantly reminded myself to be forbearing and kind to others, to look at their strengths and try to do the best I could. As a practitioner, I should be able to sacrifice and not be afraid of losing. Six years have proven that I did so. Therefore I can say that I have no regrets about this marriage. I have given up whatever can be relinquished. I don’t want a divorce but I am not afraid of it. It doesn’t mean that because I practice cultivation, I have done something wrong and should tolerate everything,” she wrote. “My kindness and tolerance should not be a reason for others to bully me.”

Her husband was touched. “I realized I did not do the right thing. I won’t act like that anymore,” he apologized. After that, he became candid, kind, and willing to help the family. He also supported her in telling others about Falun Dafa and the persecution. “My husband often compliments me in front of his parents, and relatives. We are a happy couple in the eyes of his friends and family. They even see us as experts in handling a marriage crisis,” wrote the author.

Yinghua said she came to understand that genuine kindness is very powerful. It is not unconditionally giving in. Rather, it is holding oneself to a high standard and helping others to find their conscience.

Influencing Their Surroundings

Practitioners are from all walks of life. When they take the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to heart, they project a positive influence wherever they are.

One example is “New Ambiance at a Children’s Amusement Park.” Ms. Yang, a news editor from Taoyuan City, said she really liked this article. The author of the article is not a teacher, but her upright manner and thoughts have greatly improved her work environment, a children’s amusement park.

From the title to the content, Yang said she found many details in the article enlightening. For instance, the author wrote:

“I had helped many people quit the CCP organizations at the time. But Wei was somewhat unique. When he announced to quit those CCP organizations, he was suddenly sweating and his white T-shirt was soaked. He asked what happened.

“‘Do you have fear?’ I asked.

“‘No,’ he replied, ‘Instead, I felt a warm current inside me.’

“‘That is good. The CCP is vicious and dark. Once you quit the CCP and its junior organizations, you will regain your strength and vigor,’ I explained.

“At another time, the young man, Wei, encountered an accident after renouncing the CCP organizations. ‘Aunty, that day when I was riding a motorcycle, someone bumped into me for no reason. I was fine, but my helmet fell to the ground and rolled far away,’ he told the author.

“‘When looking at the helmet, I felt as if my head would have been lost rolling like that had I not been protected,’” Wei continued, ‘Thank you so much!’”

From reading this, Ms. Yang realized the importance of helping people, especially tourists from mainland China, to quit the CCP for a better future.

Another aspect that impressed Ms. Yang was the author’s handling of all kinds of video games and other toys in her amusement park that were related to zombies, ghosts, and monsters. When the author talked to the park owner and vendors, they could feel she was really considerate of the children and their future, so everyone supported her plan to replace those toys with more educational and better ones.

Ms. Yang said this author has set up a great example for coworkers, children, and others the author knows. “I am also proud of Falun Dafa because the practice has changed so many people and the society for the better,” she said.

“In the Dao Without Cultivating the Dao”

One such example was a practitioner’s husband as illustrated in “Mr. Wang Has the Best Part-Time Job.” After witnessing the physical and spiritual benefits his wife gained from practicing Falun Dafa, Mr. Wan sincerely respected Falun Dafa and practitioners. As a result, he helped install many satellite dishes in the community so that residents could access uncensored overseas information, including that related to Falun Dafa.

Ms. Yang said that Mr. Wang was like what Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa, mentioned: “In the Dao without cultivating the Dao” (Zhuan Falun Volume II). In fact, Ms. Yang was moved to tears because many things Mr. Wang did were so great that even a practitioner might have had difficulty doing the same.

“After decades of propaganda and lies from the CCP, many people in mainland China just want money at any cost,” she said. “What the article talks about not only gives us hope for society but also motivates us practitioners to do better and share the beauty of Dafa with more people.”

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