(Minghui.org) I was fortunate enough to attend Master’s Falun Gong classes in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, in March 1994. The local qigong association arranged for me to stand by the steps that led to the podium to prevent people from approaching Master and hindering his lectures.

I stood quietly by the podium steps and listened to Master lecturing with my hands conjoined in the jieyin position. I felt that time and space stood still and only Master’s voice resounded in the air. I stood still in the jieyin position while Master lectured for two hours. I didn't feel tired but felt as if I was standing in an ice cellar. I felt cold below my knees, but it did not bother me. Since then, I have not been afraid of the cold.

When I exited the venue after the classes ended, I felt that I had undergone a great change. The skies and all that was around me looked so beautiful. I became very optimistic and had never felt so happy. My perspective of the world had changed completely.

Master said:

“Upon walking outside this auditorium, many of you will feel like different people, and your outlook will be guaranteed to change.” (Lecture Eight, Zhuan Falun)

I felt some drowsiness during Master’s lectures. Prior to attending the lectures, I had been diagnosed with trigeminal nerve pain, and the stabbing pain was truly overwhelming and unbearable. I had a toothache once, and my swollen face and head, as well as my temples and eyes, were in so much pain that I could not sleep. I took four painkillers but they did nothing for me. I started to walk around in circles and hit my head on a wall. I thought, “Why should I endure this pain? I might as well end my life now.” I had thoughts of suicide. So during the lectures, Master put me to sleep to cleanse and purify my body.

I had been a young person with a lot of health issues before cultivating Dafa. I had myocarditis and bronchitis. I had vomited blood and had pneumonia. Colds and fevers were monthly visitors. I could not lift my child because my whole body would start to ache. On top of that, I could not treat my illnesses with medication because I was allergic to all liquid medicines.

From the very first day I attended Master’s lectures, all of my pain and discomfort disappeared. I know that this was bestowed on me by Master, and I am very grateful to Master and Dafa.

I felt very blessed to be immersed in Dafa. I liked studying the Fa and practicing the exercises. I would practice the four standing exercises during my lunch break and then eat lunch. I attended group Fa study and experience sharing after dinner. After getting home at about 11pm, I would do the meditation exercise. No matter what time I woke up in the middle of the night, I would start practicing the exercises. On a regular basis, I would meditate around 3 to 4 a.m. and then head over to the morning group exercise site. As long as I had time during the holidays, I would go to the big group practice site and to activities to help promote Dafa.

I once saw an article saying that people who take contraceptives are susceptible to breast and cervical cancer. I remembered that I still had two plastic tubes containing contraceptives in my body and was debating whether I should undergo surgery to remove them. While studying the Fa during the evening, I read a section of Master’s lecture:

“Student: Is it necessary for me to have a piece of artificial blood vessel removed that was implanted in me previously during chemotherapy?

Master: Don’t worry about operations you have had or whatever was done to you before. As long as you are a true cultivator, anything can happen. We had a cultivator a while ago who had steel pins and plates in his leg. He also had bones and even some other parts replaced. Later, he found that they had all disappeared without a trace, but his body was in perfect shape. (Applause) However, on the other hand, I’m not here to do all these things for everyday people. I’m doing this for cultivators so that they can achieve Consummation. One could never get this with any attachment of pursuit.” (Teachings at the Conference in Canada)

Thank you, Master! I know that Master has always been by my side protecting me.

Time flies by so quickly, and I have been cultivating for more than 20 years. When I’m diligent, I feel that Master is by my side. Master has given me a new life.

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