(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners contribute their many individual talents and skills as they go about clarifying the truth to people. Those with skills in the various fields of technology are remarkable! Their efforts in exposing the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners are beyond words and the roles they play are irreplaceable!

Practitioners providing technical support such as printing informational materials, and repairing computers and printers has been essential. Your hard work is instrumental in helping people to know the truth about Falun Dafa. You are fulfilling your vows with the use of your knowledge of technology.

I appreciate all the hard work but have also observed shortcomings in your cultivation that I would like to share with all of you.

“Cultivate First, Then Fix the Machine”

Most practitioners involved with technological support have adopted a low profile since the persecution began in 1999 to avoid the discovery of their work and materials by the Chinese Communist Party. They have naturally formed a low-key personality, and have little contact with other practitioners. This has created a cultivation environment lacking in group Fa study opportunities. 

Most of our practitioners generally respect those with expertise in technology, even worship them, valuing their abilities and ignoring their character issues. That’s why some fall behind in looking within and cultivating character. They have forgotten that no matter their expertise in technological skills, it doesn’t substitute for their cultivation of character.

Some technicians are reluctant to search inside when having conflicts with others. Sometimes they don’t like to listen to suggestions from other practitioners and this causes interference for coordinators. It appears that they may not be aware of the problem. They are accustomed to looking at problems from a technical perspective and forget they should “cultivate first, then fix the machine.” I know one cultivator who was responsible and serious about her job of providing technical assistance. But she struggled with the issues of fear and hatred toward a family member. Later she became seriously ill and passed away. It was too late for fellow practitioners to help her and her absence caused great losses to the local area. 

Accept Opinions of Others and Harmonize with the Whole

I have noticed that some practitioners who provide technical expertise for a project unknowingly reject fellow practitioners who do not conform to their thoughts. He has the final say on what materials he will produce. The worst scenario is when some technician will not provide materials to those who disagree with him. He plays a very bad role and causes serious internal friction among fellow practitioners.

Some technical support practitioners have even rejected Minghui.org and refused to let their workshop produce Minghui Weekly. They had strong attitudes and would not take advice at all. Master Li has already said that we should look at Minghui.org for major issues, but this technician completely ignored Master’s words. This is a serious incorrect state to be in and one which caused serious trouble to local practitioners.

We Dafa disciples are born and came for the Fa. Now our lives do not belong to ourselves, but to the Fa-rectification. Everything we have is granted by the Fa, including technology. We must not be arbitrary when in trouble but instead have a humble attitude. I would say to these practitioners that they need to please put themselves among fellow practitioners, not above them.

Some technical practitioners didn’t say anything in response to opinions offered on the surface but just went their own way afterward. They forgot that letting go of one’s self and harmonizing with the whole is a manifestation of their realm. This state should be achieved by every Dafa disciple in the Fa-rectification period. It is also the key to the overall improvement and uplifting of a region.

I know one technician who was very diligent in studying the Fa and practicing the exercises. He put forth a lot of effort to save sentient beings with his skills. He often produced truth-clarification materials and handed them out by himself in the area where he lived. He was picked up by the authorities several times but returned home with righteous thoughts. He was a very good person but has a strong attachment to self, and he was hardly overcoming any character-uplifting tests. He rarely listened to other people’s advice and sent righteous thoughts somewhat carelessly. Although fellow practitioners often reminded him, he continued in that state for several years.

He passed away in prison after being arrested the last time, causing great losses to local truth-clarification efforts. We are very sorry that this happened.

It Is Necessary to Overcome Fear and Interference

There is evil interference in projects and practitioners have been under tremendous pressure as a result. Many of them had a great deal of fear. These technicians experiencing interference rarely participated in other Dafa projects or meetings and did not join group Fa-study sessions. Thus, they missed many opportunities for self-improvement.

There is one who doesn’t value studying the Fa and self-cultivation. After being arrested, he betrayed another practitioner due to fear and revealed the location of the material production center. The betrayed practitioner, due to hatred, led police to another workshop to arrest practitioners. As a result, this practitioner was forced to live away from home for many years and was sentenced severely, which caused great losses and a lot of damage to our local Fa-rectification environment.

Neglecting Self-Cultivation

Some practitioners who are technicians don’t pay attention to Fa study or practice the exercises when they are busy, and that state may last a few days. They also fail to send righteous thoughts with diligence. They think of “doing things” as cultivation. They must first cultivate well, that is a prerequisite. Otherwise, it is just average people doing things. I notice that many practitioners only start to pay attention to self-cultivation when they develop health problems.

The things I have mentioned don’t mean that fellow practitioners have done poorly. I just wanted to remind them to pay attention to these kinds of problems as soon as possible because we have experienced too many painful lessons over the years.

The saddest time for me in these years was to see practitioners being persecuted, arrested, and even pass away. The pain was indescribable. Let us all get diligent, study the Fa more, search within ourselves, and avoid detours, so as to truly achieve overall improvement in cultivation. When the Fa-rectification is over, no one will be left behind if we cultivate ourselves well. Let us follow Master to return home.

Editor’s note: This article represents the author’s personal understanding at present to share with fellow practitioners. Practitioners should “Compare with one another in study, in cultivation.” (“Solid Cultivation,” Hong Yin)

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