(Minghui.org) After she graduated, my daughter found a job out of town. I visited her from time to time and usually stayed for a month or two. Although she tried to have me stay longer, sometimes even crying and begging me, I still left, thinking I still had my own things to do at home.

Overwhelmed by Pressure

When my daughter was pregnant for the second time, she urged me to stay at her place. On my side, a new truth-clarification project had just begun and many fellow practitioners rely on me to install computer systems and repair their machines. But as a mother, it’s my duty to take care of my daughter, so I went.

The situation with my daughter was much worse than I’d thought. Her due date was only two months away and she was physically and mentally exhausted. She was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, crying and screaming at the slightest discomfort. Her relationship with her mother-in-law, who even encouraged her son to divorce my daughter, was not good. The good thing was that the young couple had a good relationship and they were determined not to divorce.

On the surface, my daughter’s in-laws were taking care of them, but in reality, they were sowing discord and making trouble. My daughter complained to me and blamed me for inviting persecution for practicing Falun Dafa, which had led to the death of her father. She was full of grievances and resentment for me.

I was dumbfounded. My cultivation state reached a low point. Having practiced Dafa for many years, I was deeply aware that this was the result of my attachments and that there were many obstacles that I needed to overcome. I was distracted. In addition to losing my cultivation environment, I could not calm down or study the Fa calmly for several days in a row. My body was also in an abnormal state.

Inspired by the Fa Teachings

Master taught us:

“As I've said, everything that happens today in the ordinary society is the result of Dafa disciples' thoughts. Even though the old forces do exist, if you don't have those thoughts they can't do anything.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. II)

I tried my best to calm down and search within. I knew Master was looking after me, inspiring me to improve my xinxing. I had to be firm in my righteous thoughts, pull myself together, get back to normal as soon as possible, and do the three things every day. I adjusted myself quickly and my body returned to normal.

I had to take care of my grandchild, cook, do the grocery shopping, and many more such chores. All that took too much of my time and energy. I had to do the three things by cutting into my sleep time. No matter what, I could not slack off. I was determined to be diligent and overcome the obstacles. I firmly believe that Dafa is omnipotent, and I planned to memorize the Fa.

I started with memorizing Hong Yin V. Since I didn't have a lot of time, I memorized the Fa while walking, taking the bus, or going to the grocery store. I carried a special cellphone with me for Fa study so I could memorize the Fa. Later on, my daughter hired a live-in nanny and I had more time to myself.

When I first started to memorize Hong Yin V, I suddenly realized that it was the first time I’d studied this book. Looking back, when it was first published, I was too busy and thought I would study it when things slowed down somewhat. But then I forgot all about it. I was interfered with by my attachment to doing things and showing off. I was sorry that I had let Master down.

After I finished reciting Hong Yin V the first time, I felt that a great deal of degenerate substances in me had been removed. My cultivation state was much better than before. I felt a rapid improvement in my xinxing. The poems helped me remove much of my degenerate modern notions, such as atheism and evolution, as well as the poison from the Communist Party culture.

My Improvement Also Benefited My Daughter

Just when I felt I’d made a rapid breakthrough in my cultivation, my daughter unexpectedly left her enviable company with a generous salary and planned to start her own business. I thought it was the wonder of Dafa. Why? In my daughter's previous job, she had to stay on the internet all day long, reading many degenerate things. I was very much in favor of her leaving her job. And it was a big breakthrough and challenge for her.

She said that there was a big gap between her previous work environment and her real life and that it would take some time to adjust before she could return to her normal state of mind. I knew my family benefited and my daughter left that job because my energy field was purified after I memorized Hong Yin V and cleansed myself of a lot of Party culture and modern notions.

I further clarified the truth of Dafa and the persecution to my daughter, and I asked her to write a solemn statement to apologize to Master and Dafa for the disrespectful remarks she’d made in the past. She agreed. Soon after, she smiled when she learned that her statement had been published on the Minghui website. The process of starting her company went smoothly, and the family's financial situation improved considerably.

Carrying Out a Dafa Disciple's Duties

Reciting the Fa made me more clearheaded and rational. I was able to recognize my show-off mentality and that I regarded doing things as cultivation. I prioritized doing things before Fa study. What a mistake back then!

While I was at my daughter's, I wrote truth-clarification letters by hand and sent them to the perpetrators persecuting practitioners across the country. I often wrote one letter a day, and then I went out once a week to mail them. I also worked with local fellow practitioners on projects to expose the persecution.

After I finished memorizing Hong Yin V, I began to memorize On Dafa and studying Zhuan Falun. Most of the time I memorized the Fa when my hands were occupied, such as holding the baby or taking the bus. No matter what I was doing, memorizing “On Dafa” always made me happy and content.

My in-laws had to go home when I came. They were upset and blamed their son: “You got a nanny and a grandmother to drive us out.” I mentioned many times that I had to get home. But neither my daughter nor son-in-law wanted me to leave. If I did, his parents would be back to stir up things again. My daughter was heartbroken at how they had wronged her.

I felt sorry for my daughter and also thought it wasn’t fair. But as a cultivator, I knew I should not measure things with everyday people's standards. I told her, “Don’t be upset. Whatever they want, just try your best to give it to them.” My daughter calmed down. When her in-laws heard what we’d discussed, they apologized to my daughter and me. Their attitude changed a great deal, too.

I continued to look within. One day, I suddenly felt a window open in my heart. Through this window, I clearly saw that so many of my old, unbreakable attachments were all connected behind the scenes to that powerful “self.” I realized that all the grievances I’d felt were not the true me but rather that selfish and self-serving ego. It turned out that it had been what had been swaying me, urging me to just do things and validate myself but not truly cultivate. It was so strong that it had been controlling my mind. It turned out that all kinds of feelings of unfairness, pain, and indignation that I felt were driven by that powerful “self.”

From that day on, I felt my stubborn attachments getting lighter and lighter. I felt like a new person. Whenever I encountered injustice, I was able to reason it out calmly and no longer get worked up. Gradually, the overall situation in my daughter's family improved and became more harmonious. My daughter has also done a good job treating her in-laws with respect and disregarding their past relationship, and her in-laws have also changed for the better.

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