Accountant Dies While Serving 11.5 Years for Her Faith

Ms. Mao Kun, 57, who'd already been incarcerated for almost 9 years since the persecution of Falun Gong began, had her arm broken by the police when they arrested her again. She was tried and sentenced to 11.5 years in December 2020 and was awaiting a reply to her appeal when she was taken to a hospital emergency room on April 9, only to die 2 days later. 

The Sudden Death of Former Shanghai Mayor and His Persecution of Falun Gong

Yang Xiong, former mayor and deputy Party secretary of Shanghai, was reported to have suddenly died on April 12 at the age of 68. People who knew him well suspect his premature death could be karmic retribution for his involvement in the persecution of Falun Gong. 

Victim of China’s “Plasma Economy” Regains New Life through Practicing Falun Dafa

A woman contracted Hepatitis C through blood transfusions in the early 1990s during a period in which large numbers of people were encouraged to provide blood plasma in exchange for money. She suffered greatly from this man-made disaster and sought different treatments. After finding Falun Dafa, she felt reborn and now experiences good health and happiness. She hopes that others will also discover the benefits of the practice.

Austria: Falun Gong Practitioners Hold Information Day Activities in Graz

Several people showed great interest in learning the Falun Gong exercises. Some of them took information about the local group exercise site and made plans to join practitioners in doing the exercises. 

Cultivation Experience After We Received Six Boxes of Truth-Clarification Calendars

A practitioner's sharing about distributing calendars with information about Falun Gong offers insights into what cultivation practice is all about — looking inward and truly letting go of attachments.

Clarifying the Truth to the Police

"We should let go of our human emotions and think of those police officers. We should tell them the truth about the persecution and the consequences of persecuting practitioners."

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