(Minghui.org) Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa, said,

“Falun Dafa disciples are absolutely forbidden to treat patients. You can read this book to a patient. If the patient can accept it, it can heal his illness, yet the results will differ according to each person’s amount of karma.” (Lecture Seven, Zhuan Falun)

Below are two stories that describe an elderly person and a child who had good fortune after reading Zhuan Falun.

A Frail 95-Year-Old Regains His Energy

Lin, a Falun Dafa practitioner, had a younger brother who lived with their 95-year-old father in their hometown. One day, his brother called Lin and said that their father had been weak recently. He wouldn’t eat or drink and was sometimes confused. Lin's brother was worried about him.

Lin decided to go see his father and read Zhuan Falun to him. From past experience, he wasn’t sure his father would agree to listen, but he borrowed a hand-copied volume of Zhuan Falun to take to his father anyway.

When Lin arrived he told his father, “In the past, rich families would invite monks or Taoists to their home to chant scriptures to eliminate evil spirits. Now you don’t need to spend money to invite monks to your home, since I have brought you a hand-copied version of Zhuan Falun to read. It is sure to help you.”

His father agreed to listen as his son read the book to him. Lin began to read to his father every day, and his father’s health improved day by day. He started to eat and drink and became clear-headed. After they finished reading through Zhuan Falun only once, he basically recovered.

Lin asked his brother to continue to read Zhuan Falun to his father after he left. His brother was glad to since he had witnessed his father’s extraordinary recovery!

A Naughty Child Improves His Study

Lin’s friend had a child who did not like to study or do his school work. Because he liked to play around, his grades were always ranked the lowest in his class. The friend and his wife tried all sorts of things but were unable to change the situation. They were worried.

Lin suggested that his friend read Zhuan Falun to his son and he agreed.

The boy turned out to be pretty receptive when his father read Zhuan Falun to him. Later he was able to read about 10 pages by himself every day.

As the days went on, the boy changed greatly. He became well behaved and diligent in his studies. His grades improved significantly. He scored quite well on his final exam even though he’d once been at the bottom of his class. His teacher was pleased with his progress and praised him for his great efforts!

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