(Minghui.org) In the '90s, Falun Gong grew exponentially in popularity amid the background of other Qigong practices in China. What was so special about Falun Gong that set it apart, and why did Communist China initially promote the practice but eventually ban it and subject it to brutal persecution?

The series of videos, “Now and For the Future,” shed light on the rise of Falun Gong, its persecution, and the largest grassroots civil disobedience movement in the world.

Episode 1. Qigong Sets the Stage

Post-Cultural Revolution in China, there is a rise in tales of people of different ages, from young to old, displaying amazing supernatural powers obtained from their varied Qigong meditation practices. The continued rise in news stories and research conducted by the Chinese state helps to move Qigong and supernatural powers from a category of superstition to a new human science, setting the stage for the emergence of Falun Gong.

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Episode 2. Dafa Begins to Spread

As different Qigong practices rapidly grew in popularity in the '80s to early '90s, many false and sham practices emerged as well. Qigong practitioners in China continue to seek out genuine practices for healing and well-being. One morning in the city of Changchun, after completing exercises, several qigong practitioners discuss their experiences, and are joined by a Qigong teacher who begins to explain the reasons and deeper meanings of their experiences. He demonstrates a few exercises of a Qigong for them, and thereafter they begin to practice them readily. The practice is known as Falun Gong, and the teacher’s name is Li Hongzhi.

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Episode 3. Breaking Illusions and Rectifying Minds

Modern science has helped to explain a variety of fundamental questions, however, many of the most accomplished and well-regarded scientists still find spiritual faith to be the ultimate guiding principle in their lives, and the answer to life’s questions. As the most renowned across many fields of study begin to ask these existential questions, Teacher Li Hongzhi begins to conduct his lectures outside of China across Europe and the U.S.

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Episode 4. Taking up the Path

Why does one take up the practice of Falun Gong? There are those who have a sincere interest in finding a true Qigong practice. Many try Falun Gong when they have nowhere left to turn, and what they witness is miraculous.

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Episode 5. Before the Storm

Falun Gong becomes accepted and endorsed by the Chinese state within a new category of human science. Yet its substantial popularity growth and free-to-practice nature disrupt contemporary Qigong practices founded by other teachers who are largely in it for profit. They begin an effort to discredit Falun Gong. Falun Gong practitioners would mobilize to clarify and resolve each false accusation, demonstrating the true peaceful nature of the practice. However the continued rapid growth of the practice eventually catches the full attention of the Chinese Communist Party’s leader, and an investigation is launched as a precursor to a full ban.

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Episode 6. In the Midst of Tribulation

As many spiritual practices in history have experienced, along with growth and popularity come difficulties and trials to test the adherents’ faith and evaluate one’s worthiness for the benefits of the practice. Such is also the fate of Falun Gong. Many practitioners sense an impending crackdown from the Chinese Communist Party. However, few could predict the persecution’s eventual size, scale, and severity.

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Episode 7. A Time of Trials

A secret press conference with western media outlets in October 1999 exposing the persecution becomes the start of something deadly. In the following months, Falun Gong practitioners would be routinely tortured in detention facilities across China, and in many cases, to the point of death. State-run media had been saturated with fabricated reports vilifying Falun Gong. Despite the widespread atrocities, practitioners kept doing all that they could to expose the Chinese Communist Party’s lies to the public.

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Episode 8. Raising Awareness

In early 2001, propaganda featuring the “self-immolation” incident flooded the Chinese airwaves. It turned the general public, which had sympathized with Falun Gong practitioners, indifferent to this brutal repression. Cases of hatred against Falun Gong increased significantly and Jiang’s regime seized this opportunity to intensify the persecution. Many democratic countries chose to ignore the persecution of Falun Gong and stayed silent in the face of this unprecedented tyranny. Without any financial or social resources, practitioners from all around the world made great efforts to raise awareness and save lives. People began to pay attention to the ongoing persecution in China.

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Episode 9. On a Mission

In Changchun, practitioners risked their lives to intercept a cable TV feed to broadcast videos about Falun Gong. Their courageous actions inspired more to step up and expose the persecution. Across China, many home-based material printing centers blossomed; practitioners went from door to door to distribute these materials. Overseas, many practitioners reached out to their communities and governments for support. With their sincerity and perseverance, they provided an opportunity for people to understand the situation and stand on the right side of history.

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Episode 10. Countering Propaganda

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s control, manipulation, and infiltration of the overseas Chinese media began from mid-1980s. In 2001, reports showed that the CCP's subversion has penetrated all the major U.S. cities where Chinese Americans reside. To establish an outlet to tell people the facts, Falun Gong practitioners started independent media companies such as The Epoch Times, New Tang Dynasty TV sand Sound of Hope. Overseas practitioners also used their expertise to build software such as DynaWeb, Ultrasurf, and Garden Networks to help people break through the CCP’s Internet censorship and access uncensored information.

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Episode 11. Benevolence & Majesty

Since the beginning of the persecution of Falun Gong, all units of Chinese society, including families, have been forced to participate in the brainwashing campaign against practitioners. The CCP isn’t only persecuting the practitioners, but also gradually wearing away at the humanity of the Chinese people. Despite the obstacles, practitioners have not backed down in their efforts to seek justice and expose the CCP’s brutality. They are guided by their steadfast faith, which brings them extraordinary wisdom and strength. Their actions help people around them see through the propaganda and experience the goodness of Falun Dafa.

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Episode 12. The Choice of Life

In 2006, the live organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners in China was exposed to the world for the first time. Overcoming the difficulties of obtaining evidence and presenting cases to communities and governments, Falun Gong practitioners and people of conscience have joined together to bring the truth to light. Legislatures of all levels around the world have passed resolutions condemning the CCP’s crime of live organ harvesting.

The publication of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party in 2004 kicked off a worldwide movement known as “Tuidang” or “quitting the CCP,” which helps people stand up against the CCP and hold it accountable for its crimes against humanity. In this momentous era, Falun Dafa disciples are risking their own lives to awaken the people of the world. Every individual in this world is facing an important decision about their conscience and their destiny.

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