(Minghui.org) Practitioners in a certain district of Beijing are reportedly collecting funds among Dafa disciples, claiming that NTD and Shen Yun require financial assistance and that the CCP virus pandemic has impacted Shen Yun performances and caused a loss of income. Some Dafa disciples who are ordinary retired workers have contributed a hundred thousand yuan at once, several practitioners have each given tens of thousands or a hundred thousand yuan, and even more practitioners have participated in this affair. This type of thing has happened many times in the past, and each time some practitioners were taken in. We should each think about our own role: why can something that clearly goes against Dafa consistently find an audience among practitioners?

No matter who it is, doing this in CCP-controlled mainland China will bring danger to practitioners and interfere with the cultivation paths Master has arranged for disciples. What kind of people are keen to stir up this type of thing? Shen Yun would not do things this way.

This behavior completely violates Master’s relevant teachings. Regardless of who the people collecting funds know or who took the lead, anything that violates the cultivation principles taught by Master is wrong. We encourage everyone to study the Fa more and, starting with oneself, continue to take the Fa as the teacher and not be misled by one excuse after another.

Minghui Editorial BoardApril 11, 2021