(Minghui.org) Many practitioners in my county have understood the importance of the two annual calls for article submissions from Minghui each year, one for World Falun Dafa Day and the other for the China Fahui on Minghui.org.

As a result, many local practitioners have helped to contact practitioners and collect articles during these times of the year. They may revise the drafts and sometimes type up articles other practitioners dictated. Most practitioners I know have participated in these two events, and every year some of our submissions are published on Minghui.

Here I would like to share some thoughts.

Writing is a Big Project

Master taught us, “The history of your cultivation establishes mighty virtue for your future and will become a great and majestic Fa.” (Teachings at the Conference in Singapore) I was in awe when I first read this Fa-teaching. I came to know the importance of writing articles whenever Minghui puts out the call.

However, I didn't know how to write in the beginning, as I felt I had cultivated poorly. I always tried my best to write something. Then my submission got published around the third or fourth China Fahui on Minghui.org. As I kept writing each year, I further realized the importance of writing and submitting articles.

Once I said to another practitioner that I felt writing down our cultivation experience is a big project, as each of us could fill several books. We cannot consider it done after just submitting one article. This practitioner concurred, and every year he made an effort to encourage local practitioners to take part. Almost all of them did.

Helping Us Remain Diligent

After submitting an article for the China Fahui late last year, I resumed a project that had been on hold for two years. I also found that I was able to get rid of many of my human notions and I could stay diligent in the project. My capacity also increased significantly.

I also observed this in other practitioners. One practitioner only had elementary education, but with a pure heart, he has been able to write an article of at least 1,000 words for every call for submissions. For the words he did not know how to write, he would just write down pinyin (phonetics) and we would help him afterwards. I know at least three of his submissions were published on Minghui. Interestingly, every time after he submitted an article, he would have a breakthrough in cultivation and do the three things well.

Starting Promptly

In the past few years, after each call for submissions, I became so busy contacting others that I put off writing articles myself, thinking I would do it in the end anyway. On a rainy day this year, I rode a bike around to contact practitioners about writing articles. But I did not get to see any of the practitioners. Out of frustration, I looked within to see what I had done wrong.

I came to understand that this could be a hint from Master for me to start writing. Meanwhile, I realized that I was too prideful: writing was a piece of cake for me, so I didn't have to worry about waiting until the last minute to do it. In fact, this showed that I was lax in my daily cultivation practice and had wasted a lot of time.

That evening, I sat down in front of the computer and began to write. What came to my mind was my understanding of some recent projects, which didn't seem to be directly related to commemorating Falun Dafa Day. I became unsure of what to write. On the following day, however, it was as if my mind was opened up. There were many topics, and they could not fit in one article. I ended up selecting a few stories for the article and sending it to Minghui. When I went out again to check with other practitioners, everything went smoothly.

Writing is a Process of Improving Xinxing

When I talked to other practitioners about submissions, some of them sighed, saying they did not have anything to write. For example, one of them had a conflict with family members or a practitioner and could not get through it or improve their xinxing. After listening to them quietly, I would share my understanding or help analyze the situation together. The practitioner would feel glad and relieved. I would then remind them that this process of overcoming tribulations could be written up as an article. Several practitioners wrote about their experiences and got their articles published.

We Encourage Each Other

About two years ago, several elderly practitioners in my region said they did not know what to write or how to write. After some other practitioners, who had been living out of town, came back–even from hundreds of miles away–to participate in writing and submitting articles, the elderly practitioners became anxious. “Others are working on their articles. Could you help us too?” One of them said, “I don’t want to turn in a blank answer sheet to Master for this exam.” I asked them to tell me their stories and wrote articles based on their experiences. Then I would read out the drafts for them to check for accuracy. After the articles were submitted, they were all happy.

Writing Articles Help Us Improve As a Whole Body

In my region, we tried our best to get every practitioner involved. From contacting practitioners to making revisions and sometimes writing up articles, there was a lot of work. Occasionally, we had to verify facts with practitioners a few times. Nonetheless, we could see the positive changes in them.

One practitioner in his 80s lives in the countryside by himself. After submitting an article in late 2018, he began to memorize Zhuan Falun, the main teachings of Falun Dafa. He has recited the book several times already. In his daily life, he also told others about Falun Dafa and the persecution. His situation improved significantly compared to several years earlier. His son and daughter-in-law worked in other cities all year long. He took care of the house along with two mu (one-third acre) of wheat and beans, along with an orchard of about an acre. Everything went well, and he remained in full health. Impressed by his health, positive attitude, and prosperity, no officials bothered him despite the persecution.

Getting Rid of Party Culture

This time some practitioners told me that they had experienced some tribulations. I reminded them to check if there were anything related to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in their houses. I shared my own story and explained to them that books and objects related to the CCP could cause interference. They did find some and cleaned them all up.

Do Not Judge Others With Human Notions

This is also a process of letting go of human notions. Practitioners in one Fa-study group did not seem to be very diligent in truth-clarification. Some coordinators occasionally doubted the need to check with them about article submissions. When I talked with the group about writing articles, I found that their stories were very touching. Every year, at least one of them was published on Minghui.

In summary, I would seriously suggest writing an article if one hasn't started already. Whether or not we write down our experiences, Master’s Fashen are watching, and so are countless sentient beings. Let’s do our best to save sentient beings and not let Master down.

Above are my limited understandings. Please point out anything inappropriate.

Editor's note: Views expressed in this article represent the author's own opinions, for which the author is solely responsible. Readers should evaluate the article's merits on their own.

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