(Minghui.org) Dear fellow practitioners, I am a practitioner outside of China and I am currently working in a news media company. Here I would like to share some thoughts on the importance of submitting articles to experience-sharing conferences (Fahui).

When I was still in China, I submitted articles to the China Fahui on Minghui.org every year. Although none of them were published, I did not give up. I have benefited from Minghui tremendously, so it is my responsibility to make contributions by writing articles. As a particle of Dafa, I tried to participate in article submission every year so as to help ensure a successful Fahui.

Having left China, I am fortunate to be able to attend the in-person Fahui every year and see Master.

Participation and Priority

Master said,

“Yesterday a reporter asked me, ‘What has made you the happiest in your whole life?’ Of course, my whole life has been devoted to this one thing. I said, as to matters of ordinary people, there’s nothing that would make me happiest, but when I hear or see students sharing their experiences, that is when I feel most gratified.” (Teachings at the Midwestern U.S. Conference)

I was shocked when I first read this. I did not know that writing about my cultivation experience would make Master so happy. If so, I should take it very seriously as a Dafa disciple. As a result, I also worked on it conscientiously every year. As soon as I see a call for submissions published, I make writing an article my top priority.

This year, the news media I work for is also planning an experience-sharing conference. I thought about writing, but I still hadn’t been able to complete my paper because I was busy. One day I had an English class and the teacher gave us word puzzles to solve. Fifteen of us participated, and whoever answered correctly until the last round would be the winner. Close to the end, only three of us remained. Although we all figured out the word, only the one who replied first earned the points and was declared the winner.

From this exercise, I learned that our commitment to certain issues not only comes from its importance in our minds or our mastery of the technical skills, but also how quickly we can get it done.

Looking Within

On the issue of submitting articles to my media company’s call for articles, why did it take me so long then? By examining myself, I found that my heart was not so pure. In addition to fear and laziness, I also had the excuses of doing other things, waiting for others, and so on. After letting go of these notions, I had a strong sense of responsibility and many ideas came to me. So I finished my article in one morning.

Looking back at my experiences of writing articles over the years, there were many times when I found it difficult and was unable to continue. I checked where I was stuck and what human notions were involved. Once I let go of my attachments, I continued writing. When I got stuck again, I continued looking inward to see what attachments I still had. That way, when an article was finished – regardless of its length, content, or outcome (being published or not)--I always made solid improvement in my cultivation. I came to understand that Master uses this as an opportunity for us to improve. The process of writing is very important.

As long as we have the determination, and as long as we are clear that this is something we should do, Master will give us wisdom, because the Fa is all-encompassing.

Being Considerate of Others

Because of the pandemic, we no longer have the international Fahui outside of China as usual. I saw the article “Call for Submissions to the 2021 Online Experience-Sharing Conference for Practitioners Outside of China.” I was very touched because I could feel Master’s compassion of helping us to improve under this new circumstance. So I made up my mind to do well this time. When reading this announcement again, I noticed one sentence, “Please submit only once, and do not resubmit after making minor edits. This will reduce the burden of the review process.”

I had this problem myself in the past. After submitting an article and then spotting typos, I would revise it and resubmit it. When thinking this over, I knew it was caused by my lack of patience and my intention of validating myself. As a result, I did not consider that resubmitting would add a burden to the editors who reviewed the article.

After correcting these human notions, I finished writing my article for the 2021 online experience-sharing conference in a short time. I read it several times and also asked other practitioners to check. After making corrections and making sure it was good, I then submitted it.

I hope that more practitioners get involved and cherish this opportunity. By writing about our cultivation experiences, we are doing things that we Dafa disciples are supposed to do. In fact, probably only Dafa practitioners have this honor of sharing how to align with the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

Master said,

“As for you, once you Consummate you will know. At that point, words won’t be enough to describe the greatness of your master! (Applause) I’ve given my utmost concern not just to you, but to all lives. I have almost depleted everything of mine for all lives.” (Teachings at the Conference in Switzerland)

Therefore, let us make the best use of these opportunities and prepare Fahui articles with our hearts, because this is part of our journey.

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