(Minghui.org) There is a person named Chen Hongming in Taiwan who a few years ago violated the no-photography policy at the Dragon Springs Temple and obtained photos of the Temple without permission. He posted the photos on social media and also published videos that he made with the photos. He has been using the photos, videos, and a website he set up to promote his distorted and warped understanding of the Fa to new Falun Dafa practitioners and those who do not know much about Falun Dafa.

Any rational and clearheaded person will be able to tell whether such a person who shows no respect to Falun Dafa and its founder can be considered a Falun Gong practitioner. Genuine cultivators all know that Chen Hongming has been used by bad elements.

Recently Chen Hongming, along with Zheng Feng (also known as Zheng Xudong) in New York and a few practitioners living on the west coast of the US, participated in several exhibitions held in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. They distributed materials at the exhibitions under the banners of “Creator,” “Cosmos-creating Dafa,” and “Team of Cosmos-creating Dafa.” Zheng Feng and others also made advertisements about the “Creator” in downtown New York, completely ignoring local practitioners’ kind reminders to stop doing such things.

The Fa-rectification process is arranged by Master, and such a significant event is not something that any being can do recklessly. Just imagine how divine beings would view such irrational beings as Chen Hongming, who interfere with the progress of Dafa?

We hope that those who are still following and being misled by people like Chen will cherish the hard-earned cultivation achievements and environment of saving people. We hope that they will correct everything that they have done wrong and follow Master's Fa-rectification process calmly and rationally.

Minghui Editorial BoardJune 7, 2022


Ever since Dafa was first introduced to the public there have always been people popping up and doing irrational things. Their conduct is actually done at the bidding of evil entities in other dimensions, who make use of them. Dafa is the Way that created, and is saving, the universe, and is not something anyone can harm! Such conduct can only ruin those who go along with it. These people had better start acting appropriately for their own sake!

Your Teacher,

Hongzhi Li

June 7, 2022

(Team Yellow Translation)


Ever since Dafa has been spread, there have always been people who have jumped up and done irrational things, which is actually caused by their being used by bad elements in other dimensions. Dafa is the Fa that creates and saves the cosmos, and no one can sabotage it! The only ones who will be destroyed are those that follow the irrational people. Conduct yourself well!

Master Li Hongzhi

June 7, 2022

(Translation by English Minghui)