The Secret of Keeping Fit for an 87-Year-Old Swedish Man

An overweight man who was in poor health and could hardly walk surprises his friends after he dropped his weight, became energetic and walked with agility, and improved his character. Instead of criticizing people, he now practices compassion and forbearance.

Hong Kong: Reporter and Popular Show Presenter Repeatedly Harassed by CCP

Huang Ruiqiu suspects that Chinese regime officials are harassing her again this time because of the program she did last week exposing the CCP’s crimes of organ harvesting. She said, “This is the most in-depth reporting on the brutalities committed by the CCP since I joined the media.”

International Chinese Vocal Competition Open for Registration

The Eighth International Chinese Vocal Competition will be hosted by New Tang Dynasty Television (NTD Television) in Manhattan, New York this October. The competition welcomes entries from professional vocal instructors, vocal artists, and students, as well as professional-level enthusiasts between 18 and 50 years old.

Freiburg, Germany: People See Through the CCP’s Evil Nature

Falun Dafa practitioners held an information day with a seemingly endless stream of people who came to read the banners, talk to practitioners, and sign a petition to help end the persecution.

When My Thoughts Become Righteous Amazing Things Happen

A practitioner shares how she came to realize how negative thoughts can bring about a different outcome than if one has positive ones.

Transcending Sentimentality and Cultivating Compassion

A practitioner who was full of suspicion, resentment, and jealousy towards her husband looks inside and realizes her attachments. She is now tolerant, understanding, more peaceful, and compassionate

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