(Minghui.org) During the 2021 Chinese New Year, overseas Falun Gong practitioners talked with Chinese netizens on social media. Some netizens said they’d withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and knew about Falun Gong. Others said they asked their friends to join the social media groups where they talked to practitioners and hoped that more people could learn about the persecution of Falun Gong. Some encouraged practitioners to keep up their efforts and have more people quit the CCP for a bright future.

Decades-Long CCP Member: You’re Doing Very Well! Keep it Up!

One netizen from northeastern China said: “I was a CCP member for decades. After you patiently talked to me and encouraged me, I became clearheaded and withdrew from the CCP. There are a large number of people working alongside you. You’re doing very well. Please keep it up and have more people become aware and walk toward a bright future.”

He continued, “How is your Master? Please pass my regards on to him. I wish him good health and a happy new year!”

Breaking Through the CCP’s Firewall to Watch Overseas Media

One netizen said, “I haven’t joined any CCP organizations. I would’ve quit if I did.”

The practitioner told him, “That is very good. You are fortunate. Please remember the two auspicious phrases.”

He replied, “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good! Falun Dafa is good! Actually I know a lot because I watch Li Muyang, Jiang Guangyu and Jiang Feng’s videos when I break through the Great Firewall. I was lost before I watched their programs. I know the CCP is evil, but I couldn’t articulate why. I pondered over it. After they talked about it, I now know why it is evil.”

He continued, “Because I keep watching your programs, I know the truth now. Thank you very much for providing us the truth through your media.”

He asked the practitioner to pass on his regards to wish Master good health and a happy new year. He also expressed his good wishes for family members of practitioners working in media.

Engineer: Not Having Joined the Party Is a Good Thing

A senior engineer chatted with a practitioner about his view on the CCP, citing his own experiences.

“Because I was naughty when I was a child and said what I thought, I was not allowed to join the Young Pioneers. But that was a good thing.”

The practitioner asked him to tell his friends and relatives about the significance of withdrawing from the CCP and remembering the two auspicious phrases.

He said: “I know the significance. Thank you so much for letting me know. I come from the same hometown as your master. To be frank, I always send my best wishes to your master in my heart. I thank him for bringing blessings to humankind. I wish Master Li and his family health and wish his disciples happiness.”

He continued, “Falun Gong does no harm to the country or society. The CCP has no right to arrest practitioners and persecute them. It is immoral and unconscionable. The persecutors will have to be held accountable. Their sons and daughters will hate them in the future when they know what their parents did.”

“I’ve added a dozen friends into this group because I know that you tell people the truth. I read your posts every day and also tell my friends stories of people quitting the CCP.”

“Actually I was an apprentice and became a senior engineer through self-study. I have made contributions to the country for 30 years, but I haven’t gotten anything from the country. I applied to join the CCP, but they didn’t want me because I was frank and outspoken. I was later persecuted. It’s a good thing I didn’t join any CCP organizations.”

“Please Send Me a Copy of Zhaun Falun”

Netizen Mr. Wu told a practitioner, “I withdrew from the CCP a long time ago. I haven’t told my wife to do it yet, but I will definitely tell her after she comes home. I will ask her to quit her CCP membership.”

He said, “Actually I know the nine auspicious words and the facts about Falun Gong. I know a lot. I want Falun Gong books. Can you please send me a copy of Zhuan Falun? I have many materials about Falun Gong but don’t have any Falun Gong books. I have been looking for them but haven’t found them yet.”

The practitioner sent him software to break through the Great Firewall and a link to download Dafa books. The practitioner told him to visit the Minghui website where he could read all the Dafa books.

He said: “Very good, thank you! Please send my regards to your master. I wish him good health and a happy new year!”

“I Know the Self-Immolation Is a Hoax”

A netizen in Beijing said, “I have quit the CCP through the website in the U.S. My wife is not a Party member or a Youth League member. She joined the Young Pioneers in primary school and has withdrawn from it.”

He continued, “I’d like to tell you that I know the Tiananmen self-immolation incident was staged. The day before it happened, one of my friends who worked in the Beijing Municipal Security Bureau told me it was going to happen the following day. If it wasn’t staged, how did he know in advance? Wasn’t it false? But it has confused many people.”

He also said, “Actually if you think it over, you will understand. Where did [the police] get the fire extinguishers? There were none in Tiananmen Square. Wasn’t it an act? It was so fake.”

“I Only Believe Information You Send Me”

A netizen in southern China received a phone call from a practitioner and said, “I have withdrawn from the CCP. I read the messages you send to the group every day. I only believe the information you send me. I’ve known since childhood that the CCP is the worst thing in the world.”

He thinks the coronavirus pandemic is targeting the CCP. He said, “The Nine Commentaries is well-written. I clearly know the evilness of the CCP, but many people don’t know black from white. I often talk to my friends and people around me and try to influence them.”

He said, “Is Falun Dafa good? So many people around the world like it. Why has it been labeled a cult only in China? I saw over a thousand Falun Gong practitioners assemble in Hong Kong. After the gathering, the place was so clean. There was no paper or cigarette butts left on the ground. Do you think they are good? What I have seen is that Falun Gong is very righteous. The CCP is evil.”

He continued, “You have sacrificed a lot for the Chinese people and for their future. You work really hard. Thank you so much! I firmly believe that you will definitely win. I only read the news you send me. I don’t believe other news. I hope you take care and stay safe. Thank you and see you!”

“Falun Gong Practitioners Are Good People”

A netizen from northeastern China received a phone call from a practitioner and said, “Yes, I have quit the CCP. I quit it in 2019. I was not a CCP member. I have withdrawn from the Youth League and the Young Pioneers. Whether it is formality or reality, I have to withdraw from it. I will be safe when I withdraw from it. I believe in what I did.”

He said, “I know the evilness of the CCP clearly because I visit the Epoch Times and NTDTV websites every day by using software to break through the Great Firewall. I also know Falun Gong practitioners are good people.

“People in China cannot get true information. We depend on you guys to send the information to us, and we in turn send them to our friends and relatives. So people will become aware gradually.”

“I Hope Master Li Will Recruit Disciples Widely”

A middle-aged netizen heard about the books The Ultimate Goal of Communism and How The Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World. He asked the practitioner to send him a link to read them.

He said, “Chinese people have been though many disasters and catastrophes. To understand the world, the person himself is crucial. People must think for themselves. If they really think deeply, they will know what is good and bad. The evilness of the CCP is that it doesn’t let you distinguish what is right and wrong.”

He continued: “Please help pass on my wishes. First, I hope Master Li takes care of himself. Second, I hope Master Li will recruit disciples widely, recruit heaps of disciples. If there is one more Falun Gong disciple, there will be one less evildoer. I wish Falun Gong’s founder, Master Li, longevity and practitioners good health. I hope they will lead us to break through the darkness.”

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