(Minghui.org) I was very fortunate to attend Master’s nine-day lecture series at the Huangting Gymnasium in Jinan and was able to take a group photo with Master on June 20, 1994. More than 4,000 practitioners from all over China attended Master’s lectures in Jinan. With much compassion, Master thoroughly explained the high virtue of the universe’s Dafa and the purpose of being human. Each practitioner held upmost respect and gratitude towards Master. This was the most precious and wonderful time I’ve ever encountered in my life. 

When Master paused during the lectures, practitioners would applaud enthusiastically until Master held one palm upright in response. If practitioners continued applauding, Master would indicate that practitioners should stop and the whole gymnasium would fall silent. In order for practitioners to be able to listen to more Fa, Master suggested practitioners should not applaud as much, or not even applaud at all. Master changed our lives by explaining the profound theories of the universe’s Dafa in the simplest manner. We understood the purpose of being human and were moved to tears by Master’s compassion. We felt the warmth of his words deep within our hearts. 

It was mid-June and the weather was hot and humid. Many practitioners fanned themselves with paper fans. Master suggested that practitioners put the paper fans down, because he worried that the fans would distract some practitioners from listening to the Fa. Everyone put down their fans, and Master said with a smile: “The moment you stop, you will feel a breeze coming up from your back. You won’t feel hot anymore.” Everyone indeed felt a breeze of cool air coming up their backs. It was truly miraculous.

Gymnasium staff said that they’d never seen such an orderly and enthusiastic group. They were very moved. 

Master purified everyone’s body during the lectures and provided us with Falun and energy mechanisms. Many practitioners’ lingering sicknesses completely went away. I was working in the medical field at the time and had a grave illness that had perplexed me for years. Revered Master purified my body. My illness disappeared and my body felt light. Master’s teachings and the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance were embedded in my heart. I became compassionate and kind to all sentient beings.

Whenever I pass by the Huangting Gymnasium, I slow my steps and then stop to contemplate. I am now over 80 years old. During my 26 years of cultivation, I have abided by Master’s standards to become a better person, and never once have I been sick or taken any medication. I wish to express my deepest gratitude to Master. 

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