Review | Self-Immolation Hoax on Tiananmen Square: Opinion From a Fire Expert

A previously-posted article discussed comments by an expert in fire control in China. He spoke to a Minghui correspondent and provided valuable insights about the incident, focusing on three topics: the fire blanket, the fire extinguishers, and the fire itself. The details of each suggest that the incident was orchestrated by the CCP to incite hatred of Falun Gong.

Review | An Eyewitness Recalls the “Self-Immolation” Incident on Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square is a popular tourist attraction, even for Chinese. A young college student and seven of his classmates were there in 2001 when the police suddenly herded them behind one of the monuments and the events of the “self-immolation” played out, visibly planned out and choreographed.

Witness to the Tiananmen Self-Immolation Hoax: It Was Done by My Army Unit

Twenty years after a CCP propaganda stunt on Tiananmen Square was used to incite hatred against Falun Dafa, we look back on a witness account originally published in 2015.

Review | “Zooming in on the Staged "Self-immolation" Case Reported by Xinhua News Agency: Who Directed These People to Set Themselves on Fire?”

While Chinese state media pushed the narrative that a mother and her daughter who set themselves on fire were told to do so by Falun Gong teachings, a simple analysis shows that it was not at all the case.

New Zealand: People Condemn CCP Persecution During Practitioners’ Activities in Auckland

Falun Gong practitioners' dragon dance and waist drum teams were invited to perform in the Kumeu Classic Car Show, where they introduced the Falun Gong meditation practice to visitors.

A Childhood Spent in Fear and Flight: Growing Up Amid Persecution in China

Ms. Xu Xinyang, who fled with her mother to the United States, looks back on the tragic childhood she endured as a result of the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong.

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