Street Fair Spectator in Arzamas, Russia: “I Hope All Young People Come to Learn This”

Falun Dafa practitioners participated in a two-day event with a parade, exercise demonstrations, and a performance by the waist-drum troupe and dragon dancers. Many commented on how calm and peaceful the practitioners were when demonstrating the exercises and how the exercise music brought them serenity. One woman said, “I have been waiting for something like this my entire life.”

Fellow Practitioners, Don't Repeat My Mistake

A practitioner in China developed sepsis after spraining her ankle and had to have her lower left leg amputated. This traumatic event made her realize that her lack of diligence in cultivation had been exploited. With fellow practitioners’ help, she gradually learned how to truly cultivate herself. She reminds everyone that cultivation is most serious and that practitioners must be diligent.

Austrian Experience-Sharing Conference Held in Vienna

The annual conference took place in Baden, a suburb of Vienna, where both Western and Chinese practitioners talked about their experiences and lessons learned during their cultivation practice, including the importance of righteous thoughts, being compassionate, becoming selfless, and staying diligent.

Drugged in Prison and Traumatized, Guizhou Woman Dies After 11 Years of Suffering

After suffering 11 years of mental disorder caused by force-feedings of nerve-damaging drugs in prison, 63-year-old Ms. Yang Dezhen passed away in an assisted living center.

Falun Gong Petition Drives Held in Central and Eastern Slovakia

Several Falun Gong informational events were held in several cities to urge Slovak state officials to address the human rights issues in their talks with Chinese officials to stop the persecution.

After Extensive Fractures, Dafa Saved My Life

Being paralyzed and with no money to continue treatment after an eight-hour surgery, a woman lived with her sister who practiced Falun Dafa. She started practicing and recovered and developed a heart of great compassion and selflessness when dealing with family tribulations.

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