(Minghui.org) My family grows greenhouse vegetables. The plants need to be covered with cotton pads at night to keep them warm, which are then rolled up in the morning. The operation is motorized.

My husband is an honest and kind person. He was illegally sentenced to four years in prison for practicing Falun Dafa. In his absence, I had to do all the field work.

When I stood on the hill looking in the direction of the prison where my husband was, I realized that I should shut off the motor as the cotton pads were about to roll too far up. I quickly went to do that.

Unexpectedly, I became entangled in the rope attached to the pads and could not get free. As nobody was around to help, my legs and arms were rolled up with the pole and were fractured. Only after a 1.3-inch-wide pole was bent, did someone notice and people came to help.

They used a door as a stretcher to transport me to the hospital. I was in surgery for eight hours. Historically, hardly anyone had survived this kind of mishap. Thus, people thought that I would not survive either.

After being discharged, I couldn't move. Because the nerves in my hands hadn't yet recovered, I couldn't even use a cane. After going to the hospital for several check-ups, the doctor told me that my bones hadn't fused at all. He suggested that I try a specialized hospital in a big city. With my husband still in prison, I didn't have any income and couldn't afford that.

Extraordinary Recovery

My younger sister took me to her home. She was a Falun Dafa practitioner and held a Fa-study group at her place. As people were reading the Fa every night, I listened to them. Gradually, I became a practitioner.

Within about 20 days, I could move my thumbs. Gradually I could use my hands to hold a cane. I could walk without crutches within 28 days. Although I was moving a bit slowly, I decided to return home.

I live in the mountains and it was already winter so I had to go uphill to find wood and bring it home to heat my place.

Our home is 0.3 mile from the greenhouse. I could ride there on a bicycle because it was downhill. But when I tried to go uphill, I found it a bit challenging. Then I realized that I'd pass the home of one of the villagers who had seen me during the accident, This person thought that I would never recover. I wanted them to see how well I was doing since I practice Dafa. With that thought, I rode all the way uphill.

People who witnessed my recovery thought it was extraordinary.

Passing Tribulations

A few years later, I had some family tribulations. My son divorced his wife and then was diagnosed with cancer. When he was on the brink of death, my husband's prison term was up. However, the local 610 Office didn't release him right away. By the time he finally came home, my son had lost consciousness. He passed away shortly after leaving us with his 11-year-old son and a debt of close to 200,000 yuan.

I was in great agony and couldn't snap out of it. I cried all the time. Sometimes, when I was holding Dafa books, my eyes became teary. Later on, through Fa-study, Master Li's (the founder) Fa principles dissolved my pain, and I became more light-hearted.

After my husband was released from prison, we managed to take care of about a dozen greenhouses of vegetables. Within a few years, we endured a tremendous amount of hardship and paid back all the debt.

One time, when my ex-daughter-in-law came to visit her son, I talked to her with the intent of having her move back to live with us. I promised to let her use the same room she and my son had used before they were divorced.

When they divorced, she took all the furniture with her. After she decided to move back in, I obtained a new set of furniture for her. I also helped her get coal for heating until she remarried. I didn't mind that her new husband moved into the same room. I just wanted to forget about all that happened in the past, as all I cared about was that my grandson would have his mother around to take care of him.

When villagers heard about this, they felt that I was quite silly for caring less about self-interest. I firmly believe that I did the right thing only because Dafa teaches people to put others first when doing anything.