(Minghui.org) My husband and I went to a local market in the early morning of July 9, 2018, to hand out truth clarification materials. We didn't lock the door when we left.

On our way home, a neighbor told us that the village chief and two police officers had entered our house and took something.

Two picture frames that had Teacher’s portrait in them were missing, and the Chinese character “blessing” hung on the door was also torn off.

I wasn’t afraid of the police and thought that I had to get my things back.

We went in search of the police, and said to ourselves, “With Teacher and the Fa here, we aren’t afraid.” Finally, we spotted a police car on the north side of the village. It was heading in our direction, so my husband motioned for it to stop. Two officers and the village chief got out.

One of them shouted that it was against the law to stop them. I said, “You are the ones that violated the law. We weren’t home, and you walked in and confiscate my Teacher’s portraits! Please return them.”

“You don’t look like bad people,” I continued, “and you were probably acting on orders from above. I know you have a conscience and you wouldn’t arrest good people.”

Clarifying the Facts

The village chief told us to go to his office. We refused to get into the police car, so we rode our motorcycle there instead.

One of the officers wanted to take a photo of us, but we did not cooperate. I told him that taking things from my home without my knowledge was against the law, and asked them to return Teacher's portraits.

I began telling my story of how I started practicing Falun Dafa to help cure my many illnesses, and that I became very healthy and happy as a result.

I was well known for being bad-tempered and aggressive, but not anymore. Whenever something happened, I was able to use the standard of the Fa to discipline myself. I looked within and tried to be considerate of others. This was because my Teacher taught me how to be a good person. My life has completely changed.

The village chief told us to go home, and that he would bring us the portraits. However, he only returned one portrait and said that the police wouldn't give him the other one.

Looking Within

I calmed my mind and began to look inward. What had I done wrong? Why did they only return one portrait? Was it because I needed to further clarify the facts to the village chief?

From that day on, I paid attention to my conduct. I studied the Fa more and sent righteous thoughts all the time to eliminate all the filthy things and human notions in my dimension. I also sent righteous thoughts to ensure that Teacher’s portrait was not ruined by the village chief or the police.

At a local gathering on July 13, I wanted to take the opportunity to hand out Dafa informational materials, but I felt a strong sense of fear when I woke up. It was the manifestation of self-protection and selfishness. I am a Dafa disciple. With Teacher by my side, I have nothing to be scared of.

The ‘fear’ was not me and I needed to eliminate it. So I sent righteous thoughts for another five minutes to eliminate the attachment of fear. On that particular day, I gave out more materials than before.

I decided to visit the village chief's home several days later. He seemed quite busy, so I briefly explained why I made the trip. He promised to help me to get the portrait back, but several days later there was no news.

I went to the village chief's house again on July 26, when it was pouring down rain. His wife came out and invited me in. When I explained that I needed Teacher’s portrait back, the village chief said, “I really don’t know how to get it back for you.”

I said, “If we practitioners have done something we shouldn’t have done, please tell me. If I did something not good, I will fix the problem. If you have something about Falun Dafa or practitioners that you can’t understand, I will try my very best to explain it to you.”

My sincerity seemed to touch his heart. He smiled, and we began chatting. I told him what kind of people Falun Dafa practitioners are. I said, “We don’t have any political motives. Please don’t believe what you see on the T.V., as it is all lies. Please protect Falun Dafa practitioners where you can.”

Shortly after I left the chief’s house, I saw a car stopping at my home. The village chief came out of the car holding a blue picture frame in his hands, and said sincerely, “I brought your Teacher’s portrait back. Please guard it well.”

I quickly put it back where it belonged, knelt down in front of it, and said, “Teacher! Thank you, thank you!”