UK Falun Dafa Experience-Sharing Conference Held in London

Sixteen Falun Gong practitioners talked about their cultivation journey, the sacredness of Falun Dafa, and their gratitude towards the founder of the practice. They also shared their insights on Shen Yun promotion, truth-clarification to VIPs, and in some cases their experiences as new practitioners.

Falun Dafa Summer Camp for Students Helps Them Improve Themselves

More than twenty Falun Dafa Clubs from universities in Taiwan recently participated in the annual Falun Dafa Camp for Students at National Chung Cheng University on August 23-26, 2018. Student practitioners who attended the camp studied the Falun Dafa teachings together, shared their thoughts, and clarified the facts about the practice and the persecution in China.

47 Falun Gong Practitioners and Their Family Members in Liaoning Province Arrested in Two Days

Liaoning Province has been at the forefront of the ongoing nationwide campaign against Falun Gong. A recent police raid netted 43 Falun Gong practitioners in 10 regions in the province over the course of two days. These practitioners, the oldest being 81 years old, were arrested while going about their lives. Four of their family members, who do not practice Falun Gong, were also arrested.

Police Officers' Attitude Changes

Examples of how, despite the ongoing persecution in China, some police officers who had previously tortured practitioners learned the facts about Falun Gong and changed their attitude to help practitioners.

Witnessing Dafa's Miraculous Healing Power

A 72-year-old suffered a life of extreme pain, including chronic migraines and a leg that needed to be amputated. After becoming a diligent practitioner he became healthy and his doctor commented that it was unimaginable that his necrotic leg healed.

Guangdong Residents Fight Wrongful Convictions

The families and lawyers of three Falun Gong practitioners are fighting wrongful convictions issued by the courts. court director responsible shrugged off one of the cases saying that this kind of thing happens all over the nation. 

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