(Minghui.org) A high school teacher was told to return to school for an urgent meeting on the evening of August 22. He rushed back, only to be seized by officers from Haicheng City Domestic Security Office and Tengao Police Office.

Mr. Wang Hongzhu, a teacher at Nantai High School in Haicheng City, was one of the 47 Falun Gong practitioners and their family members arrested across Liaoning Province between August 22 and 23.

The police had been monitoring Mr. Wang for a period of time, and they brought him straight to his rental place near the high school after the arrest. Without his consent, they forced open and raided the place. They confiscated his computers, cellphones, and more than 35,000 yuan in cash.

Mr. Wang is currently detained at Nantai Detention Center.

While Mr. Wang's rental residence was being searched, another group of officers descended upon his family home, where his wife and teenage son reside. When Mrs. Wang demanded to see a search warrant, she was handcuffed and taken to the local police station. Two officers remained at her home with her son.

Upon returning with a search warrant, the police ransacked Mrs. Wang's home in front of her son. The police were meticulous in their search and looked everywhere for Falun Gong-related items. They confiscated more than 20 Falun Gong books, as well as Mrs. Wang's work computer and flash drives.

Mrs. Wang was brought back to the police station to have her fingerprints and photos taken against her will. The police also asked her if she practiced Falun Gong and if she was in touch with other local Falun Gong practitioners. They interrogated her until midnight before letting her go home.

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