Recent Falun Gong Events in Europe

Practitioners in Sweden, Switzerland, and Germany held public events to introduce the self-cultivation practice to the public and raise awareness of its persecution by the communist regime in China. Some people stopped by to learn more and encouraged practitioners to keep up their efforts. A local newspaper in Lünen, Germany featured the Falun Gong meditation group in a public park, where practitioners have gathered every Sunday for almost a year.

Shen Yun Concludes Seven-City Taiwan Tour in Changhua

The classical Chinese dance company put on 34 performances in Taiwan on its 2018 tour. A dance company director who had watched Shen Yun for the eighth year said, “With the dance techniques, the digital backdrops, and all the other artistic and cultural elements, it is a great feast." The mayor of Taichung appreciated the historical stories presented in the show, which convey the message that "evil can never prevail over good." 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Celebration of 300 Million People Quitting the Chinese Communist Organizations

On a sunny day in Philadelphia's Chinatown, Falun Gong practitioners celebrated a milestone towards China's spiritual freedom and a brighter future. “Quitting the CCP is not a political movement, rather it is a process for the Chinese people to break away from communist influence and find their own spiritual path,” said a spokesperson. Many residents and tourists learned more about the practice and the persecution and signed petitions to end it. 

New Jersey Lawmakers View Falun Gong Art Exhibit, Condemn Persecution in China

State assembly members were moved by the paintings that depict the brutality faced by Falun Gong practitioners in China for their faith.

Gaining Trust and Respect at Work by Following the Teachings of Dafa

When police tried to harass a practitioner at his workplace, his supervisor spoke up: “Practicing Falun Gong is good. He was a troublemaker before...But now, he's a model worker.”

Falun Dafa Rescued Me from a 16-Year Neural Disorder Nightmare

After a failed spinal surgery, the author was nearly paralyzed for 16 years until learning Falun Dafa and experiencing a dramatic recovery.

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