Bringing Falun Dafa to Hualien, Taiwan
(Part 1)

Having benefited so profoundly from practicing Falun Dafa, a man from Guizhou Province, China, wanted to share this good fortune with his relatives in Taiwan. Even though he was in his 70s, he packed up Falun Dafa books, recordings of Master Li Hongzhi’s lectures, and other materials, and went to Hualian, Taiwan in November 1995. Beginning with his nephew’s family, the man planted the seeds of Falun Dafa in Hualien.

Now Available: Minghui International – Coronavirus Special Edition

We are pleased to announce the publication of a special edition of the Minghui International magazine, which focuses on the CCP’s cover-up of the coronavirus outbreak, an analysis of the deeper reasons behind the pandemic, and an introduction to Falun Dafa. Both the digital and print versions are now available for purchase from Tianti Books.

Seoul, South Korea: Hope and Healing at 9-Day Falun Dafa Workshops

Two recent 9-Day Falun Dafa Workshops in Seoul brought tremendous benefits to workshop participants. Participants reported positive changes, from a general sense of relaxation and wellbeing, to chronic health problems disappearing — including a brain tumor. One attendee commented on the peace and relaxation she felt: "It was something so wonderful, which I'd never experienced before."

Paris: On Human Rights Plaza, Practitioners Resume Opposing the Persecution

While several practitioners demonstrated the exercises, others passed out fliers and talked with passersby, many of whom expressed their dismay at what is taking place in China and signed the petition condemning the persecution of Falun Dafa.

Jiangxi Woman Suffers Brutal Persecution for Her Faith

The story of a 70-year-old woman who has been brutally persecuted for the past 20 years for her faith in Falun Gong. She has been arrested, subjected to forced labor, beaten, and force-fed.

Awakening the Conscience of Sentient Beings during the Pandemic

A practitioner maintained righteous thoughts and developed creative ways to clarify the facts during the pandemic lockdown in China.

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