(Minghui.org) The Minghui Editorial Board published an article in 2013 titled “Giving Speeches Amounts to Disrupting the Fa.” Some situations described in the article have recently been replicated outside China as well. Here we alert overseas Falun Dafa disciples and practitioners not to make the same mistake.

Chen Wenrui is a practitioner from mainland China who is about 30 years old and uses a pen name of Qing Lian. She lived in Singapore and went to Japan during the pandemic. While in Japan, she liked to visit practitioners and organize group discussions among practitioners to promote her personal understandings. In doing so, she instigated practitioners to oppose coordinators of both the Falun Dafa Association and various projects. She and certain supporters spread the so-called sharing content in the form of emails and audio files through the Japanese Tian Guo Marching Band and other project lists. They even planned to produce videos for distribution on a larger scale. Because some local practitioners were influenced by sentimentality, attachments to supernormal abilities, and other human notions, this has interfered with the local environment of cultivation and saving people, as well as practitioners in other countries who could receive emails from Tian Guo Marching Band.

For practitioners driven by strong sentimentality, have you thought about where you have positioned Dafa? For practitioners affected by attachments of admiring supernormal abilities, have you realized that you have improved and benefited because Master cherishes your sincerity for cultivation practice and Dafa helps you elevate? Or is it those eloquent people with so-called supernormal abilities that helped you? With those seemingly high-sounding remarks, is one validating Dafa or oneself?

Fa-rectification cultivation has reached the final stage, and time is very pressing. We hope everyone will kindly remind one another not to accommodate evil elements. We Dafa disciples are to achieve what Master wants and be worthy of becoming righteous enlightened beings with righteous Fa in the new cosmos, rather than people who can be easily swayed by such incitement.

In fact, in rational settings, we all know that every truly cultivating disciple should truly regard the Fa as the teacher and have the courage to let go of human notions. Only then can we constantly move up. Only by taking the Fa as the teacher will ensure that we remain diligent, make progress, and make the best use of time to save people.

Minghui Editorial Board

June 21, 2020