(Minghui.org) Holding special sessions at which people give speeches to practitioners, or traveling around expressly to “share understandings” with practitioners, amounts to disrupting the Fa. For people who are able to do such things in China at a time when the CCP still persecutes Falun Gong, there must be complex factors at work behind the scenes. Though such persons may not be CCP agents or have gone awry after CCP brainwashing, there are CCP agents at work behind the scenes, influencing things. These people are being used by the evil. Yet they are unwilling to wake up to the truth.
In recent years, some practitioners and a handful of coordinators in some areas have been keen on holding large-scale experience sharing conferences. They push for inviting one or more individuals to give speeches at the conferences in the name of “experience sharing”. In some places this has gone on for years, while in others it’s a relatively new phenomenon. This has often stirred things up and led to conflicts and divisions among practitioners, negatively impacting people’s cultivation and efforts to save people. Areas that have been affected include Lingyuan, Liaoning province; Dalian, Liaoning province; Changchun, Jilin province; Yushu, Jilin province; Qinhuangdao, Hebei province; Anping county, Hengshui, Hebei province; Shijiazhuang, Hebei province; Anhui province; Zhaoyuan, Shandong province; Qingdao, Shandong province; Harbin, Heilongjiang province; Daqing, Heilongjiang province; Ninghe, Tianjin; Dagang, Tianjin; Tanggu, Tianjin; Wuqing, Tianjin; Inner Mongolia; Shanxi province; and Beijing. This has gone on for over five years in a particular area, and is only growing more serious. In this locale nearly all of the coordinators have by now been corralled into listening to the speeches.
Those who give the speeches are often specially invited to various locales and come with enthusiastic endorsements. Their egos are all the while expanding, thanks to blind adoration and irrational praise from those who attend the speeches, and they have been constantly disrupting the Fa. These people may seem to be “sharing understandings,” but in reality they are just promoting themselves. 
Some speakers publicize what they did as coordinators in their areas, and the hosts talk about how their conferences have spanned the south to the north of China, and how many such conferences have been held. This has led some practitioners to really admire these coordinators and the practitioners in their locales. In their speeches they boast about how if, for instance, they give an order to stop distributing Minghui’s truth-clarifying pamphlets, the practitioners in their area will indeed stop. One speaker declared, while saying she is “sharing experiences,” that she had cultivated beyond the cosmos and no longer needed to cultivate Zhen, Shan, Ren. She claims that she is different from others who are here to learn from Dafa, and that she comes to help practitioners improve; she claims that she “holds in her hand” the divinely cultivated sides of the practitioners in that area. This same person has come up with her own essentials [different from Master’s instructions and from editorials published on the Minghui website] for sending righteous thoughts, and asks practitioners to follow her methods instead. 
In other cases an invited speaker has spread Master’s Fa lectures out on a table, selected a passage to read, stated his or her personal take on it, and then held a question and answer session about it with the practitioners present. Some speakers outright interpret Master’s Fa-teachings given outside of China. Some rely on other practitioners to provide them with room, board, and daily needs for extended periods of time. Some don’t do the three things, and instead focus solely on “helping practitioners improve.” Some claim that they have cultivated to “a greater state wherein they are free of duties,” and that “whenever attachments emerge, I can make them vanish with a mere thought” and that they “have returned to their origin.” One speaker has claimed that he doesn’t acknowledge the old forces’ arrangements and has never been persecuted, and nor have any of his followers. In the case of this speaker, the “experience sharing” event has consisted of only him [called ‘big brother’ by his assistants] talking at length, with others holding digital books for him to help him find passages or page numbers from Master’s Fa-teachings. These speakers’ talks are fundamentally about themselves. They often try to validate themselves by referencing the many places that they have gone to give talks.
Many who attend such speeches believe that the speakers have “enlightened to such a high level,” “cultivated so well,” and “are so right.” At the same time, the attendees think that despite studying the Fa for so many years, some of the attendees have “never improved as quickly as after hearing just a few remarks from the speaker,” that they “had cultivated in vain for more than a decade,” that they “have had all their confusions cleared up by the speech,” since it was “said so well and at such a high level,” and other things expressing their admiration for and desire to follow the speakers. 
One such speaker who claimed to be from Changchun gave no less than eight such speeches in just a few days in one particular city and neighboring locales. Over one hundred people attended one of the sessions, and some practitioners even followed him to the next venue to listen again. A good portion of the practitioners in the audience were extremely emotional while listening. A few even had tears running down their cheeks, overcome with emotion. Some who weren’t able to attend regretted it greatly. Allegedly the speaker was chauffeured from one venue to the next while local practitioners drove around, biked around, or hitched rides trying to find him and follow him around. At some of the sessions the speaker claimed that his coming was a “mission,” while some in attendance remarked that he was “sent by Master to help us improve.” Some in attendance encouraged the admiration for the speaker by saying that one’s success in cultivation can be assessed by how long he can sit in double lotus, “Look at how the speaker has sat in the position for the whole session, some six to seven hours. No one could match that!” After the speech, local practitioners heaped praises upon the supposed “experience sharing.” Those who disagreed with the event got embroiled in lengthy debates, which resulted in divisions among practitioners. 
Some from other areas have said things such as, “I hadn’t enlightened to higher principles after cultivating for so long, nor could I feel my gong increasing,” and then after listening to the “sharings” of those who are disrupting the Fa, they make claims such as, “I’ve suddenly risen to high levels and charged beyond the cosmos.” Others have claimed that after sending righteous thoughts according to the method of the person mentioned above, they “could distinctly feel gong zooming up.” 
A practitioner once drove 5,000 kilometers to seek out a person known for his capabilities and who uses his third eye to guide his and his followers’ cultivation. After returning from that trip, this practitioner formed a group and found a few practitioners with third eyes open, so that they could base their decisions on what was seen by their third eyes. When others pointed out that doing so deviates from the Fa, the persons instigating it have formed into small cliques by recruiting students who aren’t clear on the Fa’s principles.
The people who are giving speeches, listening to them, and organizing these events have said and heard so many irrational things, and seen such severe disruptions to the Fa. Yet they still haven’t realized it. Isn’t this dangerous? Are you still part of Dafa? 
The key problem is that after so many practitioners listened to the speeches, the result was not a greater desire to become more steadfast in the Fa or strengthen one’s righteous thoughts, but rather, a greater admiration for such individuals. They mistakenly believed that they had found a shortcut to improvement. Their human thinking has led them to have delusions about reaching Consummation and higher levels, when instead they should be striving to really put their cultivation into practice and raise their xinxing. 
Many who have been swayed were at one time unlawfully sentenced to forced labor or imprisoned. There are also some who had given up Dafa for several years before returning to it. Some others are new students. And some are veteran students who lagged behind and hadn’t studied the Fa well. 
Practitioners who have made such speeches, organized such events, or attended them have not positioned themselves properly in relation to the Fa and Master. They are following individual practitioners, rather than the Fa, and it is thus that they have dared to disrupt the Fa.
In recent years some areas have seen multiple coordinators abducted and sentenced heavily by the evil, with a handful of people going awry in their cultivation path. It’s hard to deny the connection between these events and people delivering the disruptive speeches described herein or organizing such events. Though some people’s situations have improved by settling down and studying the Fa, the losses have been great.
There are no shortcuts in cultivation. There may well be many similarities between the issues faced by Dafa disciples inside China and elsewhere. Then it stands to ask: Do these issues that are emerging in the final period—where something that’s done seems right but is in fact wrong—and such disruptions of the Fa amount to a sifting of the sand? One can only become true gold by rectifying one’s attitude toward cultivation, learning to take the Fa as teacher, truly cultivating inwardly instead of depending on others’ instructions, elevating xinxing with the Fa’s guidance, and meeting the Fa’s requirements.
As Dafa disciples we must be cautious about holding experience sharing conferences. Master set a precedent for us. Fa conferences mustn’t be held too frequently, and papers must be screened so that there are no papers that promote and elevate words and actions that go against the Fa at the conference. Coordinators should not have the attachment of trying to one-up each other, competing, seeking fame, and validating themselves. Coordinators mustn’t take people that they don’t know well to the homes of other practitioners and material production sites. Helping fellow practitioners is the right thing to do, but whenever human attachments and demon nature get mixed in, it will be taken advantage of by the evil. It is a boundless sin to mislead Dafa practitioners and disrupt the Fa: could you ever pay for it?
Again it should be said: Holding special sessions at which people give speeches to practitioners, or traveling around expressly to “share understandings” with practitioners, amounts to disrupting the Fa. For people who are able to do such things in China at a time when the CCP still persecutes Falun Gong, there must be complex factors at work behind the scenes. We would like to remind everyone to take to heart the articles that Master has written for us Dafa disciples: “A Heavy Blow,” “Bear in Mind Forever,” “Cultivators’ Avoidances,” and “Stability of the Fa.” It would be best to memorize them and measure oneself against them.

Minghui Editorial Board
May 4, 2013