Italian Sociologist: Chinese Communist Party Attempts to Rewrite History by Denying Coronavirus Originated in China

Chinese diplomats and agents have been given secret orders to try to persuade people to believe that the coronavirus originated in other countries. 

Australian MP: Those Who Stay Close to the Chinese Communist Party Are in Great Danger

Bernie Finn, Member of the Victorian Legislative Council, recently made three Facebook posts criticizing the Chinese Communist Party’s mishandling of the coronavirus outbreak that allowed it to spread to other countries. “The communist regime in China is no friend of Australia. It’s really gone out of its way to prove that this time. We should never believe or trust it again!” Finn wrote.

Flushing, NY: Vehicle Procession Calls on Locals to Distance Themselves from the CCP

The Chinese Communist Party's continued disinformation campaign to shirk responsibility and blame other nations for the pandemic has triggered anger globally. In Flushing, NY, near the hardest-hit area in the US so far, processions of cars bearing signs and banners condemned the CCP and urged the people to distance themselves from the Party.

Reflecting on History: From the Soviet Communist Party to the Chinese Communist Party

An account of how people lost confidence in the Communist Party in the Soviet Union before it collapsed, and how the Chinese people are awakening to the truth of their government.

A Young Physician: Grateful for Protection by Falun Dafa

Amazing accounts of how a young man was protected when he encountered health problems and accidents, and how he was guided and given wisdom and strength.

Swedish IT Engineer Blessed After Seeing Shen Yun

The overall wellbeing of a married couple improved significantly after seeing a Shen Yun performance in Stockholm. "After we watched Shen Yun, I don't know what happened but everything has gone smoothly."

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