Young Entrepreneur: “If Not for Zhuan Falun, I Would Not Be Alive Today”

A young man in Poland searches for answers after losing his grandfather, who raised him. He posted a plea for help on the Internet: “Do you feel happy after making money? How do you find real happiness in life?” The responses he received led to a long list of books to read. “When I opened the 15th book on my list, Zhuan Falun, and read the first chapter, I knew this was what I had been searching for.”

Taipei, Taiwan: Young Practitioners Inspired at 3-Day Falun Dafa Camp

140 young practitioners studied the Falun Dafa teachings, did the exercises together, exchanged their cultivation experiences, and talked to tourists about Falun Dafa and the persecution in China. One practitioner stated that being diligent in cultivation has helped him to have a calm and sharp mind, eliminate his attachment to comfort, and do better in school. 

“National Civilized Community” in Epicenter of Coronavirus Abandoned by CCP

Once a poster child for a modern-day, CCP-sanctioned community in China, Baibuting, which is in Wuhan, is in the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic. It was discovered that Chinese Communist Party officials abandoned the 180,000-resident community after requiring residents to attend a banquet, even though the coronavirus was known to be infectious at the time, days before the city was locked down.

Media Exposes Chinese Consulate's Attempts to Stop Falun Gong Activities in Western Australia

The communist regime's attempts to suppress Falun Gong outside China backfires as media exposure draws attention to the brutal persecution of the peaceful movement.

Young Couple Recovers from Coronavirus in Three Days

A couple experiencing Coronavirus symptoms begin to panic when no hospital has room to take them in. But advice from a relative who practices Falun Dafa gives them hope and a remarkably quick recovery.

After Hearing News of the Epidemic

A practitioner in China recounts how she and her fellow practitioners continued to clarify the truth to the local communities despite the lock-downs initiated because of the coronavirus.

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