(Minghui.org) Shortly after the Chinese New Year, my granddaughter called me. “Grandma, I am in trouble.” I could hear that she had trouble breathing.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

She told me that she had a fever, coughing, body aches, and vomiting. She could not hold food or even water down.

She had gone to visit her in-laws during the New Year holiday. Upon returning home, her husband developed a fever, and no medication worked. Two days later, she also got sick.

My mind began racing, but I soon calmed down. I told her that she and her husband might need to get tested and treated for the possible coronavirus infection. Having told her about Falun Dafa before, I also reminded her to recite the phrases “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” I asked her to say it with sincerity and it would help her. She said she would.

I called her in the afternoon and she told me that she called numerous hospitals but there were no beds available anywhere. I told her calmly: “Settle down my dear, just focus on saying the phrases over and over, and you will be fine.”

I called her the next morning and asked how they were doing. She said: “I am better, no more fever!” “What about your husband?” “He is better as well; he is hungry and is eating now.”

I called her the following morning again. She was a bit upset: “Oh, my symptoms returned.” I encouraged her and her husband to continue saying the phrases and not get discouraged. They agreed.

They told me on the third day that they no longer had a fever, the body aches were gone, and their appetite also returned!

And now, they are completely recovered.

They are grateful for Dafa's saving grace. I hope more people can take a cue from them and be blessed with restored health by sincerely saying “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”