Taipei, Taiwan: Young Practitioners Inspired at 3-Day Falun Dafa Camp

140 young practitioners studied the Falun Dafa teachings, did the exercises together, exchanged their cultivation experiences, and talked to tourists about Falun Dafa and the persecution in China. One practitioner stated that being diligent in cultivation has helped him to have a calm and sharp mind, eliminate his attachment to comfort, and do better in school. 

“National Civilized Community” in Epicenter of Coronavirus Abandoned by CCP

Once a poster child for a modern-day, CCP-sanctioned community in China, Baibuting, which is in Wuhan, is in the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic. It was discovered that Chinese Communist Party officials abandoned the 180,000-resident community after requiring residents to attend a banquet, even though the coronavirus was known to be infectious at the time, days before the city was locked down.

Can the Wisdom of the Ancients Guide Us Today?

Can the wisdom of the ancients still speak to us? A look at early, thoughtful responses to large-scale calamity, and their effectiveness, might offer guidance for modern people today.

Working as One Body to Save People in the Coronavirus Epicenter

A practitioner calls on overseas practitioners to help send phone messages to mainland China to spread the truth about Dafa.

Falun Dafa Showcased in Chinese New Year Celebration in Nevada City, California

Falun Dafa practitioners helped a small historic town in California celebrate the Chinese New Year. This is the fourth year that they have taken part in Lunar New Year events in Nevada City.

A New Practitioner Experiences the Power of Dafa

A young man with bad habits is suddenly diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. When his life was nearing the end, his practitioner wife convinced him to practice Falun Dafa and everything changed.

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