Regarding A Fake Jingwen

With the outbreak of Wuhan coronavirus, genuine Dafa disciples all know to cherish the lives of sentient beings. In particular, Dafa disciples in China have been working hard to save as many sentient beings as possible, even though they themselves also face difficult situations. However, someone posted an article on February 12 and claimed that it was a Jingwen written by the founder of Falun Dafa and published by 

Taiwan: Falun Dafa Boat Lantern Welcomed at 2020 Lantern Festival Celebration

“Boarding a boat has a connotation in traditional Chinese culture of bringing people to a more sacred, more special realm, so it also carries connotations of bringing blessings to everyone,” said a practitioner who participated in the event.

Facing Locked Down Cities, We Should Continue Saving People with Righteous Thoughts

Practitioner in China: No matter the circumstances, we must fulfill our mission.

The Epidemic Exposed My Attachment to Showing Off

Upon experiencing coronavirus symptoms, a practitioner looks within and quickly recovers.

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