(Minghui.org) Because of coronavirus, three provinces (Hubei, Liaoning, and Jiangxi), all four province-level cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, and Chongqing), as well as over 80 other major cities in China have been locked down. This is similar to what happened in my city during the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) break in 2003. People need to show their IDs as they enter or exit residential areas.

One Recent Occurrence

I went out once recently and upon returning, I was stopped by a security guard of my gated community. “Please show your ID—this is our new policy,” he said. I complied without thinking much but soon felt something was not right.

Throughout all these years of resisting the persecution, we practitioners have always refused to acknowledge the persecution of us. This new lockdown policy isolates people from one another and interferes with our efforts to tell people about Falun Dafa and save them. Should we really comply with the policy?

To find a solution, I sent forth righteous thoughts and contacted several practitioners. More than 10 of us met at a suburban park. We discussed the situation and shared our understandings. Everyone cherished this opportunity and, through collected wisdom, we had a plan for the next step.

Making Progress

But it was still difficult for us to meet again. Every community is guarded by security. It seemed impossible for one to enter a community without showing an ID as a resident of that community.

To negate this arrangement, I continued to send forth righteous thoughts. When returning to my community later, no one asked for my ID. When going to other communities later to meet practitioners, I did not need to show an ID either.

Thinking about it further, however, I realized the existence of the security guards was still a barrier preventing practitioners from saving people. So I continued to send forth righteous thoughts. After some time, the guards in my community and those of some other practitioners disappeared and practitioners could continue doing things as usual.

There could be other reasons for removing the security guards. But at least I sent forth righteous thoughts and did my part as a practitioner.

Fulfilling Our Responsibility

This coronavirus epidemic is rampant, but the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been covering it up and misleading the public from the beginning. This led to the outbreak, making the disease spread to all provinces in China and more than 25 overseas countries. To stem the spread of the virus, the CCP locked down cities while continuing to block information from the public. The information blockade has caused panic and despair in many regions.

As practitioners, we know this has posed a challenge for us to reach out to people and save them. At this stage of the Fa-rectification, we should have become mature and able to handle various situations—saving people is the most important and we cannot be intimidated by difficulties encountered.

Some practitioners said this epidemic targets those who cannot be saved because of their bad deeds or sins. It is true that plagues in history usually worked this way, but Dafa practitioners cannot casually abandon these people who are relying on us. As long as the Fa-rectification is still ongoing, there is hope for people to be saved. It is up to each individual whether they want to be saved, but as practitioners we need to do our best to save them with the wisdom and capabilities bestowed on us by the Fa.

Master Li Hongzhi said,

“Strive to spiritually perfect yourselves, do your utmost to show what you are made of as you strive to save all lives, and try to do even better!” (“Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference”)

Above are my personal understandings. Please point out anything inappropriate.