Washington D.C.: Tourists Learn Meditative Exercises at National Mall

Practitioners put up banners and displayed Falun Dafa information while doing the Dafa exercises. Many tourists from China learned the facts about Falun Dafa and why the Communist Party has suppressed this peaceful practice. One tourist from Beijing remarked, “Talking with you and getting to know about Falun Dafa is the biggest achievement during my trip,” he said, “I think I will definitely give the practice a try.”

Australia: “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance Is Hope for Mankind”

During Melbourne’s New Year celebrations that drew crowds of people, Falun Gong practitioners were a peaceful, calming presence near the city plaza. When asked if she was Chinese, one practitioner said, “Yes, I am, and proud of it. Our 5000-year culture is so profound. However, China is not the Chinese Communist Party. Those 5000 years are not the Party's years. Chinese people have the right to uncensored information.”

Excerpts from My Diary: Falun Dafa Led Me Out of Depression, Anxiety, and Confusion

Coming across her diary from 20 years ago, the author gratefully realizes how far she's come since her youth, when she'd struggled with pressure at school, depression, and anxiety. She once wrote, “Where is the sky that belongs to me?” “Where can I find the guidance for my life?” Eventually she found answers in Falun Dafa, which freed her of pursuing personal gain and set her on a path to peace and enlightenment.

Cultivating Dafa Helped Me Gain a New Perspective on Life

A practitioner's journey of cultivation before and after the persecution started.

I Finally Found a True Cultivation Way

A Taoist who was searching for a high-level cultivation practice finds Falun Dafa and changes his life to become healthy and harmonious.

An Amazing Experience After I Nearly Sawed Off My Thumb

“With only part of the skin still connected, my thumb miraculously healed quickly and the bone and muscles reconnected, gaining the ability to move it.”

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