(Minghui.org) I was shocked after reading the article “Idolizing and Depending on Other Practitioners Is Harmful.” I felt guilty for not sharing the facts, as well as making excuses for lack of my typing skills.

I am from a fairly well-populated area. I heard that there had been nearly 1,000 people practicing Falun Dafa in the county government court before 1999 although a few did not give up their faith. Most current practitioners in the area are from other areas or started practicing after 1999.

I am from another area and have practiced Dafa since 2009. I previously had a bad temper. Only after beginning to cultivate did I treat my family well, so they approved of me practicing Dafa.

I told my family, “I am good to you as a result of learning Dafa. If you want me to be good to you I have to cultivate well. I have to study the Fa, send forth righteous thoughts, so you must not interfere with that.”

Since I know that practitioners should save people, I thought that everything that happens in my life opens the way for Dafa. Therefore, the things of everyday people do not interfere with me. My family has also helped me during the many major Dafa events.

Remembering the Preciousness of Dafa

When I first learned the practice, there was no practitioner with good technical skills. It was the coordinator who made some informational materials about Dafa. The coordinator thought that I might be a good prospect and suggested that I learn to make truth- clarification materials. I went through a difficult process of learning how to use the computer, printing materials, doing simple maintenance, copying, and other skills. I learned how to drive a motorcycle and a car within two to three years as well.

There were often computer issues and I would spend hours doing minor repairs at home. I needed to learn more techniques to produce Dafa materials and package and deliver them. I was so busy that I was unable to study the Fa with a calm mind.

Many fellow practitioners basically did not know how to cultivate. They did not want to take on a project given the indoctrination by the Party and fear. They claimed that they were too busy at work, too old, or lacked skills. They dared not open anything on the computer and navigate the internet although the system was ready to go.

Some practitioners had not created good environments in their homes. The informational materials and satellite dishes belonging to them ended up at my home. The coordinator told me to make materials for the practitioners in the countryside, as she assumed I could do it easily. She asked fellow practitioners for a consensus and they all agreed. I felt it was too far from what the Fa required so I argued with the coordinator.

When I thought about what the coordinator said and how my fellow practitioners behaved, I had unworthy thoughts: “Those people have cultivated for over 10 years! How could they still be so selfish!” All kinds of negative messages flooded into my mind, and I cried a lot. Almost on the verge of collapse, I suddenly woke up and remembered the preciousness of Dafa. I came for the Fa and I should not be ruined due to the unrighteousness of fellow practitioners.

Helping Fellow Practitioners to Be Independent

I thought about facing the situation of my fellow practitioners who tend to repeat the words of the coordinator without thinking much and helping them to join me in Dafa projects.

I was willing to teach someone who wanted to learn the technology. I tried to find the consumables and machines needed. Fellow practitioners had difficulty buying computers and motorcycles so I would pay for them. If I did not have enough money, I would ask other practitioners at my workplace. I was punctual and trustworthy when I solved technical problems. If I hurt a fellow practitioner, I would apologize.

Then Master opened up my wisdom, so I could communicate with fellow practitioners using Fa principles.

Master said:

“With righteous thoughts each step of the way—in the world are Gods” (“Stirred by Reflection” Hong Yin IV)

The old forces made detailed arrangement to hinder Fa-rectification. Whenever we carry out a project, we must first send righteous thoughts to clear this interference.

Whenever a computer or printer is set up, I communicate with the equipment in front of practitioners, “You are all here for the Fa, remember ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.’ Fulfill your vows. You are Fa implements. You are to help clear out demons, so do not be interfered with. Software, hardware, and printers must each work together. Let us honor our vows together.”

I also reminded fellow practitioners to call on their Fa implements to assimilate to the Fa whenever they studied the Fa.

Some fellow practitioners had been persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party, so their family members were opposed to the idea of making materials at home. However, having an informational material production site requires one to learn the technology behind it and a stable mind to guarantee normal operation of the machines.

I realized that it is best to be firm about Master and the Fa in our hearts and minds, to cultivate our wisdom and virtue, and exercise our ability to deal with problems.

We were no longer dependent on practitioners from the city after a few years. Dozens of practitioners managed to clarify the truth about Dafa, made truth-clarification materials, such as the Nine Commentaries and many kinds of beautiful journals, self-adhesive stickers, posters, and signs of “Falun Dafa is good” for the electric poles. Some signs and stickers have not been removed for a few years.

A good environment has been created and many practitioners in the county bought houses here. A few years ago, my sister said that practitioners here could now hold a village meeting themselves in the county as a result of this good environment.