Calling for an End to the Persecution of Falun Gong During Trump-Xi Summit

Falun Gong practitioners held demonstrations along President Xi's route to meet with President Trump on Thursday, calling on him to end the 18-year-long persecution in China, and bring the former communist dictator Jiang Zemin to justice for launching the persecution. They also called on President Trump to stress human rights during their meetings.

More Falun Gong Practitioners Released from Prisons in China

Eighteen years into the suppression of Falun Gong, many officials in China have come to learn about the persecution and are choosing not to carry out the persecution policy established by the Chinese Communist Party. More and more practitioners have recently been released by judges or had their charges dropped by prosecutors.

Practitioners Inspired at 2017 North Carolina Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference

A big part of practicing Falun Dafa is the sharing that takes place among practitioners, both on the informal, small-scale level, and at organized conferences. The talks presented at a recent experience sharing conference in North Carolina provided a snapshot of practitioners' struggles and successes in their daily practice, and also gave inspiration to the practitioners in the audience.

Canadian MP Proposes Bill on International Organ Trafficking

Bill sponsor MP Garnett Genuis said at a press conference, "Canada needs legislation which will define in Canadian law, here, our opposition to involuntary organ harvesting in cases where it comes back to our shores."

Ordinary Stories on an Extraordinary Journey

A practitioner shares her coming of age story, spiritually and emotionally, as she looks back on her cultivation journey.

Engineer Arrested Again After Nine Years of Imprisonment and Torture

An engineer gives his account of the persecution that he has endured over nearly a decade of imprisonment.

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