(Minghui.org) Medical specialists discovered that my sister suffered from advanced leukemia after she experienced a massive hemorrhage in 1999.

Doctors determined her blood type and quickly administered a blood transfusion. My sister’s bleeding continued for a period of time before finally stopping.

Our family immediately went to visit her at the hospital. I encouraged my sister to practice Falun Dafa, telling her only Master could save her. My sister had read in the past Zhuan Falun, so she agreed to take up the practice wholeheartedly.

She developed a high fever which persisted for over three days. Her doctors were unable to help. The fever also caused my sister to become blind. The third day, she collapsed when she was talking to her husband. Fearful, he asked for the doctor to be notified.

Doctors were unable to determine the cause for her sudden unconsciousness. They had never encountered such a condition. My sister slowly regained consciousness after half an hour. She wondered why so many doctors were surrounding her. Her husband was visibly relieved and told her that she gave them all a fright.

She was perspiring profusely, but her eyesight had returned and her fever was gone. Everyone was surprised by her amazing recovery.

When visiting her I asked if she was ready to learn Falun Dafa. She was eager to learn and we made arrangements for me to teach her the exercises and play a video of Master's lectures.

Destined to Practice With Dafa

I went to my sister’s home and started playing the videotape containing Master’s first lecture. When she saw the rotating Falun at the start of the video, she said, “I recognize that object! It entered my eyes while in the hospital and cured my blindness.” I was overwhelmed, Master had begun to care of my sister even before she began to practice.

“Sister, you have a strong relationship with Dafa,” I said. “I’m sure you will be able to succeed in cultivation!”

We watched Master’s lectures and I taught her the exercises. She was so weak in the beginning that she was unable to stand. While I was teaching her the first set of exercises, she managed to stand for thirteen minutes. The third day, my sister was able to walk while using the wall for support.

Her family was in disbelief. The doctors could not cure her despite extensive medical treatment. Yet, within three days of learning Falun Dafa, she had recovered enough to walk on her own.

We listened to all the lectures and did the exercises for nine days. Master continued to cleanse her body throughout this time.

She went to the hospital for a thorough medical checkup in May 2000. Test results confirmed that she had regained her health. Her ecstatic family gratefully thanked Master and Dafa for this amazing recovery!