Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners Continues at Anhui Province Women’s Prison

Recent accounts of abuses at Anhui Province Women's Prison reveal unrelenting brutality against prisoners of conscience who refuse to renounce Falun Gong. In one case, a former head nurse went deaf after repeated beatings. Another torture victim suffered a mental collapse.

Shen Yun Brings “Enlightening” and “Compelling” Stories Across U.S.

Three touring companies of Shen Yun presented 18 sold-out performances in New York, Atlanta, and San Jose, with two shows added to the schedule to meet demand. “You feel like you are being educated through the stories and the music. That really inspires you and especially when it’s revealing the truth,” said Mark Kang of INSP Network. “The ethnic culture has been preserved,” said prima ballerina Alexis Feit.

2016 Year in Review: Another Successful Year of Peaceful Resistance

2016 was a significant year on many fronts for Falun Gong. Practitioners continued peacefully resisting the 17-year persecution, with increasing help from lawmakers and the public. Resolutions were passed by U.S. and European lawmakers condemning China's forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience. Shen Yun Performing Arts marked it's 10th anniversary, and Falun Gong's health benefits were recognized in a major medical journal.

Falun Gong Practitioners in Poland Raise Awareness at Charity Event

"I didn't know the persecution was so bad! My heart is shaking. I must sign the petition!"

Temptation: A Bitter Lesson

A practitioner looks back at lessons learned from falling into the trap of speculation in stocks at a time when he was emotionally vulnerable.

When Virtue Is Lacking, Misfortune Is Inevitable

The idea that virtue and good deeds go hand in hand with good fortune has long been a part of traditional Chinese culture.

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