The Ultimate Objective of Clarifying the Truth

Falun Dafa is the Buddha Fa. The CCP’s wicked propaganda has instilled the world’s people with lies that slander and defame Falun Gong, and this is meant to incite hatred against the Buddha Fa and Dafa disciples, who are on the path to divinity. This is particularly the case with Chinese people, in terms of the attitude that they show in conversation or when interacting with Dafa disciples. They take the evil’s side. If that is the case, then aren’t the world’s people in danger? In other words, no matter how evil the persecution is, Dafa disciples are still heading towards Consummation amidst the evil’s tests; whereas the world’s people, who have been instilled with the wicked Party’s lies, are the ones who are truly in danger. The emergence of the Communist Party and the CCP’s real goal is to have people hate Gods and Buddhas, to propagate atheism, to instill a philosophy of “struggle,” and to thereby destroy humankind. And this is the reason Dafa disciples are to clarify the truth. The goal is to get rid of the evil’s lies, to enable people to see the CCP’s true face, to clear away the sins committed by people against Gods and Buddhas, and to thereby save the world’s people.

After Losing His Memory Due to Severe Persecution, English Teacher Mr. Che Hongfei Arrested Again and Taken Back to Dalian Prison

Name: Che Hongfei (车洪飞)

Gender: Male

Age: 42

Address: Hongqi Town, Yingkou Area, Liaoning Province

Occupation: English Teacher

Date of Most Recent Arrest: January 11, 2012

Most Recent Place of Detention: Dalian Prison (大连监狱)

Two Practitioners Subjected to Long-term Incarceration and Abuse in Jiujiang City Mental Hospital

( The No. 5 Hospital in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, is a mental hospital. Two practitioners, Ms. Wang Ying and Ms. Jiang Xiaoying, have been detained and persecuted in this hospital for a long time. The primary doctor once clearly stated that Ms. Wang Ying was not ill, but hospital authorities refused to release the practitioners using all kinds of excuses to keep them there.

Outstanding Teacher in Shandong Province Benefited from Cultivating Falun Gong Physically and Mentally But Has Been Frequently Persecuted by the CCP

Name: Sun Yuzhen(孙玉珍)

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Address: Laixi City, Shandong Province

Occupation: Teacher

Date of Most Recent Arrest: June 25, 2006

Most Recent Place of Detention: Dashan Detention Center (大山看守所)

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